Fix up the drywall

Home maintenance projects don't have to be expensive or time consuming. As a homeowner, you should always be on the lookout for thrifty ways to change up your house's existing setup. Ideas can range from installing shelves for more storage to giving the family room a new paint job. This isn't to say all projects have to be cheap. If you save enough money and have the time, you should definitely look into larger-scope projects, such as building an addition or remodeling the bathroom.

In the meantime, homeowners, try implementing some of these remodeling ideas that , according to Houselogic. Other projects will only take 15 minutes to complete.

Replace doorknobs and handles

Every homeowner should have a drywall repair kit to use whenever a hole makes an appearance. According to Lowes, there multiple ways you can , but every tool you'll need can be found in a basic kit. These materials include scissors, string, drywall tape and masking tape.

Depending on when you purchase all the kit's items, you can spend as little as about $1.00, to as much as $10.51, according to Houselogic. Even if you splurge somewhat on the drywall holes, you're increasing your home's value. Remember, if you ever decide to sell any investment you make toward improving the property's esthetic value will prove beneficial.

Remove countertop scuffs

Door handles can be classified as items that, while used on an everyday basis, are likely to be forgotten about. Over time, however, these handles will show some wear-and-tear. There are two types of door handles you should focus on in particular: cabinet handles and door knobs. The time it takes to replace these important household essentials is about the same amount of time required to defrost and cook a frozen pizza. When it comes to cabinet handles and pulls, Houselogic recommends you replace stripped screws, plug gaps with a wood filler or tighten the holding screws.

After finishing your work in the kitchen, turn your attention toward the door knobs. In some instances, you'll just tighten screws to ensure nothing is loose or using commercial polish to bring some shine back. If the front door knob is very old and teetering on the verge of not working, you'll want to completely replace it, perhaps with a modern design. Houselogic recommends you look for a lever handle lockset from the same manufacturer, as these are easier to install.

Replace the toilet seat

If you have young children, you know all too well that no matter how hard you try, various household areas will become damaged. Countertop scruffs are just one example, and there is a creative way to fix them. Head to the local dollar store and pick up crayons, a spatula knife and a microwave safe bowl.

Next, determine the crayon that is as close to the countertop color. Unwrap the crayon's paper, put in the bowl and microwave it. Finally, pour the melted crayon into the scruff mark and use the spatula to help you out and remove any excess crayon liquid.

Fix a torn window screen

If there's one room that needs to be comfortable, it's the bathroom. Your house is no different, and manufacturers know this, as you can find a toilet seat in just about color and design. Take advantage of the offerings and look into replacing your generic, white plastic with a walnut seat. While Houselogic said it's a bit on the pricey side, the bathroom's vibe will immediately increase. This project will take no more than 15 minutes, making it the perfect way to pass halftime, especially with football starting soon.

Enhance curb appeal

Take a look at some window screens throughout the house. When was the last time they were replaced? Are they even effective? Screens that have many holes have to be taken care because at that point, they're virtually useless at keeping bugs out. There's another crafty way to fix them, and once again, it involves a trip to the dollar store. Purchase nail polish, head back home and apply it to both sides of the screen where the hole is. You'll want to apply enough to build a barrier, and after a few minutes, the window screen hole is plugged.

A quick cleaning session

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. With various online map services, you, and the general public, can type in any address and see a street view. If you're going to be selling your property sometime soon, surely you don't want online viewers to see a less-than-appealing picture of your home.

Other than painting the outside and maintaining the front lawn, homeowners can also upgrade the existing mailbox. The quickest, and cheapest, curb appealing method is to give the mailbox a fresh coat of paint. According to Houselogic, you can use the same paint color or use a crazier color, one that will stand out in future Google Maps drivebys. Before getting the paint brush, you'll want to scrap off any rust and dirt, and then apply rust-proof paint. While this project won't cost $1.00 or less, it'll take you no more than 15 minutes.

Even something as simple as decluttering can make a room look brand new. You don't have to spend hours, but if you spend 15 minutes every other day tidying up, you won't have to go on a cleaning rampage.