Similar to issues with rats, a roach infestation creates health concerns and isn't an attractive sight in your home. While cockroaches may not cause the structural damage that can result from a termite infestation, you don't want them crawling around your house.

Roaches can carry diseases. They'll also munch on the food in your cabinets, fridge and garbage cans as well as clothing and books.

These critters can be found in any type of home and are fond of dark places for breeding and feeding. There are some signs of roaches that are easy to spot: droppings, egg cases, bodies of dead roaches or live roaches. Given that these insects don't like light, it is not likely that you'll see them during the day time.

Here are some tips to follow if you think roaches have invaded your home:

  • Order a pest inspection. These critters can breed fast, so there's no telling how far the infestation has gone without a professional property inspection. Call an expert to give your home a thorough once-over, and he or she can also recommend options for getting rid of the pests.
  • Clean your house. The first step to stopping a roach infestation is breaking out the cleaning supplies. Wash any dishes in the sink and ensure your stove, countertops and other surfaces are clean. Any small food particles can be a meal for a roach, and cutting off their food supply is key to ending the infestation.
  • Place all food in sealed containers. Whether it's in the fridge or the pantry, all food should be placed in a hard plastic or metal container that can be sealed. Doing so puts another barrier between the roaches and a food source. Start with items such as sugar and flour.
  • Empty the trash. This falls under cleaning but needs further discussion. In addition to taking the garbage out often, use a waste bin with a tight lid, as roaches can flatten themselves to fit into small spaces. Also, rinse all your recyclables before putting them in your bin.
  • Keep your home dry. Roaches like moist environments. After you're done washing the dishes, mopping and completing other tasks that require water, wipe up any excess moisture to cut of the insects' water supply.
  • Seal cracks in your house. Small holes and cracks are typical hiding spaces for roaches. Caulk any openings that you can find, especially in your pantry and kitchen.