Adjusting a loose toilet seat or replacing an old one are two easy and inexpensive projects that you can complete yourself.  The only tool necessary for both tasks is a screwdriver. If you're replacing the entire seat, a new one is required.  You can find a selection of new seats at a local hardware store.

Whether you are simply tired of a bothersome loose toilet seat or preparing to sell your home and anticipate a home inspection, tackling this project will prove to be conveniently brief.

Adjusting a seat
The first step, according to the DIY Network, is to locate the plastic fasteners that hold the seat in place. Uncap these to expose the nuts and bolts and unscrew each of them. To adjust the opening angle of the toilet lid, slide the rubber washers for the nuts. Tighten and hold the lid at the desired angle.

Also tighten bolts from the bottom of the bowl if they poke out beneath. If any bolts snap or break, you can purchase replacement ones at a hardware store.

Replacing a seat

If it is necessary to replace the toilet seat, the process is very simple and affordable. Unscrew the nuts located inside the plastic fasteners and lift the seat off of the toilet. Replace it with a newly purchased seat and screw the nuts into the updated lid.