When you're ready to become a homeowner, you develop a list of features that you'd love to have in your dream house, and you can get all these desires with a custom home.

While there are many existing homes on the market, there are few chances that one of these properties will give you everything you want. Typically, you're compromising on a few things, such as sacrificing an open floor plan for a more affordable price or forgoing a four-bedroom home to make room in the budget for a modern kitchen.

Instead of house hunting for months to find the right home for the best deal, you can have a custom built home. They come with all the benefits of a newly constructed property, plus a few extra perks.

A unique property inside and out

On the market, there are newly built homes that you can purchase as part of a new development. While these houses are new, they tend to have similar features and fit the iconic image of identical suburban row houses.

With a custom home, you are still the first owner to live in the property, and the exterior can be designed to your specifications. If you want floor-to-ceiling glass windows, exposed beams and a porch, you can have it - pending those features work together to make a structurally sound house. In addition to the property's form, you can add more functional space, such as a bigger garage or extra bedrooms.

On the interior, you can get the floor plan, kitchen, bathrooms and other features that you desire. Instead of hunting for a property with stone countertops, cherry wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances, why not have a builder create one for you?

Savings on energy costs

Another perk of customization is that you can select appliances and certain materials for your home, meaning that you can optimize it for energy efficiency. Electricity costs are increasing, and many homeowners are doing what they can to lower their expenses by retrofitting their properties with new windows, lighting and kitchen and other appliances.

If you're ready to go green, you can request that energy efficiency is part of your new home design. This gives you the opportunity to save money each month, have some of the latest technology in your house and help protect the planet.

Fewer expenses for repairs

One key benefit of newly constructed homes is that they typically don't require any major repairs within a short time after you move in. A common pitfall among existing properties is that they've been used for years, which means they have suffered damage from both the previous owners and the environment. Depending on the extent of the required repairs, you could spend a nearly identical amount updating a fixer-upper as you would getting a new home.

This is not to say that newly constructed properties are immune to issues. You still have to ensure the builder you select will avoid workmanship errors and shield your home from the environment if you're going with a site-built custom home rather than a prefabricated property. Additionally, order a new construction home inspection to ensure that the house was built safely and securely.

Before starting on a custom home endeavor, keep in mind that getting to make more choices means that you'll have to free up more of your time to plan what you want out of a property. During the design phase, no detail is too insignificant to tell the builders, architect and interior designer.