For the homeowner and homebuyer

World Inspection Network, a leader in home inspection services, has kicked off its newest Go For the Green Sweepstakes.

Starting March 1 and going until April 30, 2016, participants have a chance to win numerous prizes.

The Go For the Green Sweepstakes is here to help everyone celebrate spring, and this includes homeowners, homebuyers and those in the real estate industry. No matter what category you fall under, you can benefit from the sweepstakes.

Many parts of the country are finally coming out of what seems like a long, cold and dark winter. With the turn of the weather comes more sun, warmer temperatures, St. Patrick's Day and March Madness.

To help you get in the spring mood, WIN is holding a sweepstakes during the event period. Simply head to and fill out the information that is asked. This includes full name, address and contact information.

Prizes include the following:

  • 10 Bluetooth speakers
  • 15 $50 Amazon gift cards
  • 5 $100 Amazon gift cards

These prizes can be extremely valuable for potential and existing homebuyers. For example, a Bluetooth speaker can serve as an excellent piece of equipment to listen to music alone or with guests. Better yet, no wires are required.

Likewise, the Amazon gift cards, no matter the value, can be put toward some essentials every house needs. These can range from carpets and inexpensive decorations, to food and toiletries. After all, Amazon sells just about everything.

This sweepstakes guarantees to make your spring a lot more interesting. You can enter as many entries as you want during Go For the Green. Just be sure to always include the most up to date contact information should you win. You don't want to miss out an online shopping spree or a high quality Bluetooth speaker.

Good luck!