A front lawn is often the first thing homebuyers see when they visit a residence. While a home's exterior is only one aspect of a property, it can have far-flung effects on both real estate buyers and sellers.

For example, a home seller who wants to optimize the value of his or her residence should consider lawn maintenance. High grass areas and other rough spots could hurt a home's value and may limit a property seller's opportunities to promote this house to buyers.

Water the grass regularly

A seller who wants to show off his or her home's lawn should water the grass every day. Developing a schedule is usually helpful, as this enables a homeowner to keep a lawn in top shape for an extended period of time.

Excessive rain could impact a lawn, however, and property owners should be ready to adjust their schedules as needed. A homeowner who stays flexible could benefit, and this person will be ready to modify a watering schedule at a moment's notice.

Examine the soil

Before listing a house, conduct a property inspection to study a home's exterior and interior. This review is great for homeowners who want to determine the value of their residences and may help them improve their front lawns as well.

During a home inspection, check out the quality of the soil. Marianne C. Ophardt, a contributor to Washington State's Tri-City Herald, notes that a homeowner can use a long screwdriver to find hidden objects underneath soil. Additionally, Ophardt points out that property owners should aerate the soil, which could help a front lawn for years to come.

Mow the lawn periodically

To some homeowners, mowing the lawn is an enjoyable outdoor activity, however, others view it as a chore. Regardless of how a property owner feels about mowing the lawn, this task is essential to ensure its quality.

During summer, property owners should keep track of the weather to determine how frequently they should complete maintenance. If there is an extended drought, for example, homeowners may be able to get away with mowing their lawns less frequently. Conversely, frequent rain can cause grass to grow quickly, which makes it more important for property owners to closely examine their lawns.

When it comes to lawn care, it boils down to this: sellers who take the necessary time to maintain a healthy lawn could boost the curb appeal of their properties greatly.