A kitchen remodel does create some challenges, and predicting those challenges and accommodating them will help ease the process. 

To live at home or not to live at home

The kitchen is a high-traffic area in any home. If a renovation is in the cards, some changes should be made. If you choose to continue living at home, establish a temporary kitchen area. Also, remember to factor in ordering take-out and eating out at restaurants throughout the duration of the process, according to HGTV. Your budget should reflect every cost that will likely occur as a result of this project.

If living in a hotel is an option, remember to include the expenses into your established budget as well. Perhaps having the space to cook at home will outweigh other options. Knowing how long the remodel is expected to take will help you determine what is best suited for your situation.

A cost-efficient alternative might be living and cooking at a friend or relative's home.

Doing it yourself

A great way to save on your established budget is to do some of the projects associated with the kitchen remodeling yourself. Demolition is usually a pretty easy task that anyone would be able to complete. If you are taking out cabinets, save on extra expenses by taking these out on your own. However, consider asking a house inspection company beforehand what inspection services they offer. Find out if they can make sure there will not be any issues when you take a sledge hammer to the kitchen.

If you are not replacing your cabinets, HGTV suggested updating them with new handles as something that will liven the space and is also an easy task that you are able to tackle. Painting is another endeavor that you can easily complete.

The Painted Home proposed turning a dresser into a kitchen island as an easy project that you may be able to complete by yourself. Especially if you are low on counter space and have enough room in the kitchen, updating a dresser with paint and placing it in your kitchen is a fun and easy way to instantly add appeal.