You have found a home that you really like and want to make an offer. However, before reaching out to the seller, you may want to consider your home inspection options. Depending on your situation, think about hiring a professional to take a look at the house before making an offer. 

Increase your confidence 
If you are working with a particularly tight budget and timeline, it may be worthwhile to consider having an inspection performed on the structure prior to contacting the seller with an offer. This can put you in a better position when naming a price and communicating it with the current homeowner or representing real estate agent. After finding out the condition of the home and whether there are any issues or potential repairs you may have to make after purchasing the home, you can be more confident in an offer that matches the true value of the home.

Hands on Homebuyer noted that if the inspection reveals that the home is in stellar condition, you can make your strongest offer and increase the likelihood of getting the house. 

Hiring a professional before making an offer can ultimately save you money. If you know that you will need to replace a water heater in the near future, your offer can match that. Waiting to have an expert inspect a property after an offer has been made and accepted may leave you paying a bit more. While you may wind up negotiating a compromise if considerable issues arise, this may take up valuable time. An inspection of the home completed prior to an offer can help you move through the process faster. 

Offer may be more appealing to seller 
According to Nolo, an informational online law publication, another potential benefit of having an inspection done early is helping your offer stand out. A seller may be more interested in your price because you will not require a home inspection contingency and he or she will likely interpret that your offer will not dip lower. 

In addition, Hands on Homebuyer emphasized that sellers will know that you are truly interested in the home and moving forward with a purchase. This can be particularly appealing and encourage him or her to accept your offer. 

Expectations of an inspection 
When you are having a home you are interested in inspected, you should be aware of what the professional will evaluate. According to Bankrate, inspectors keep an eye out for a number of potential issues. He or she will inspect both heating and cooling systems and ensure that they are properly working or indicate that certain parts need replacements or whether entire replacement is necessary. 

Inspectors check exterior walls, proper drainage and roofs for quality and effectiveness. In addition, if other features, such as decks or chimneys, are present at the home, professionals will check these characteristics of the house. They will inspect items on the inside of a home, including electrical outlets, wiring, plumbing, windows and doors, as well. 

In some instances, you may have to hire a specialist to evaluate other features in a home. For example, a swimming pool may require a specialist. Discuss with your property inspection company whether you will need to hire an additional professional.

Having a home inspection completed before making an offer may put you in a better negotiating situation with the seller. In addition, your offer may be more attractive because you have demonstrated you are serious about the amount you are willing to pay for the listed home. If you have found the property of your dreams, contact the seller and hire a professional to inspect it.