Homeowners have a lot of options nowadays when they want to remodel their properties. Every room could be taken in a unique direction, and there are a number of upgrades that might be a boost to equity and attract more buyers when it comes time to sell.

If a home inspection spots any areas that need work, it may be a worthy investment to focus on some technological upgrades. More homes are trending toward "green" energy and a reduction in expenses. New gadgets and devices are released frequently that could help. Whether it includes home security or an intelligent heating and ventilation system, technology can be a smart choice for many homeowners.

Home security goes high-tech

In essence, a home security system is already technology. Alarms, cameras and other components may feel like fancy devices for some homeowners, but security has recently received an upgrade.

A property inspection could identify locations around the house that need work. If this is the case, residents may want to install a new home security system while they are at it, in order to make life easier, safer and possibly increase home equity.

For example, homeowner Tarik Celebi uses his phone as part of his home security system, according to USA Today. He can arm the device, get email alerts or even tune into the security cameras. These features allow a greater sense of customization for people, and they can also tap into other settings like temperature control. Not only can high-tech home security systems make a house safer, it can also make the process easier. Notifications can be programmed for whenever a door opens, or customized to certain times during the day.

Additionally, home security can also be tied to other controls such as lights, heating and cooling, the news source noted. They could also include carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms. All of these universal features could save owners money on both up-front costs and bills down the road. A home inspection is a great way to figure out problems within a residence, and the renovations could include this level of technology. 

Upgrades that may be worth the investment

While not every renovation needs to be filled with technology, a number of upgrades are gaining popularity and might make it easier to sell a home in the future. A property inspection is a great step during a remodel, regardless of the changes being made.

One technological innovation that has made its way into more houses is the solar water heater, according to Money Crashers. While the initial sticker price could be high for this and other solar home improvements, there are numerous incentives like rebates and tax breaks that could get the price down. Solar panels are added to the roof which powers the installed water heater inside. Costs are typically recouped around two years, on average.

Moreover, a rainwater harvesting system is a unique upgrade that could appeal to buyers in certain markets. Rain collectors are placed near downspouts, and the water can be used for plants, toilets or other gardening and irrigation needs. That could cut down on home expenses in the long run.

Heating and ventilation systems are often costly to repair and tend to be neglected during maintenance. A home inspection professional can easily find problems with this and recommend solutions. If the components need repairs, an upgrade to an Energy Star-rated HVAC system might be ideal. The yearly cost of old systems can add up quickly, and energy drains can end up making homeowners spend more money than if they just replaced it with a newer, more efficient model.