Selling a home can be a stressful process, and home inspections may be intimidating. If you are listing your house, knowing what to expect from an inspection and how to properly prepare for a professional to evaluate your home can help make the process of selling a home a bit less difficult. 

What to expect

Remember that no house is perfect. Issues that become apparent after a home inspection do not necessarily indicate that selling the home will become considerably more difficult. The FrontDoor noted that some buyers anticipate that there will be repairs and may not think that an issue that arises is as big of a deal as you do.

The Money Pit indicated that a home inspection typically occurs quickly after sellers and buyers sign a contract. Usually a buyer will come along for the inspection, which can last as long as three hours.

If issues are present in your home, you and the buyer may have additional negotiations. They may request that you make some of the repairs or​ provide a lower offer on your home.

Preparations to make before an inspection 

It is always a good idea to properly prepare for an inspector to come to your home and evaluate the condition and quality of the structure, features and systems. According to, you may consider having a pre-listing inspection before listing your property.

By having an inspection completed prior to selling your home, you can be fully aware of any potential issues ahead of time. There will not be any surprises that arise after you have decided on a listing price and a prospective buyer has made an offer. In addition, you can schedule repairs and fix issues without any pressure from a buyer. You do not have to rush into selecting a contractor or other professional and can spend time researching for the best value.

In some instances, you do not need to pay to have an inspection conducted at your home. This decision is largely based on your confidence in the property.

The National Association of Home Inspectors also recommended ensuring that your house is physically prepared for a home inspection. Clean your gutters and clear any leaves or other debris to help an inspector complete his or her job easily. Also, trim trees, shrubs and other plants away from the house.

Make sure that you turn on all utilities well to guarantee that the inspector is able to test and evaluate their performance. also recommended a few additional pointers for enhancing convenience and simplifying an inspector's ability to complete the job. Keep your home clean and organized before an inspector arrives, provide the professional with proper documents of any repairs you have had completed and do not forget to leave your home during the inspection. In addition, if you have any pets, arrange for a sitter or have them with you if possible during the process.

Improvements to make before an inspection

Additional preparations you should make as a seller involve making small improvements to the current condition of your home. NAHI noted that improving the grade of your property, cracks in driveways or asphalt, ensuring all windows and doors are properly working, painting and fixing any known or clearly visible issues can all help the inspection go smoother.

Keep an eye out for any issues that you can fix easily and inexpensively or improvement projects you can confidently take on yourself.

Home inspections may initially seem like a stressful step in the process of selling your home, but by knowing what to expect and how to properly prepare for them, you can make selling easier.