Superstorm Sandy's effects are still being felt by numerous Americans, including those in coastal areas. However, the American Red Cross and The Weather Channel are taking steps to help many people understand the ramifications of natural disasters. 

As part of their efforts, both groups are raising awareness about the impact of hurricanes, tornadoes and other storms. In a recent survey, the Red Cross and The Weather Channel found that 58 percent of participants stated that they were somewhat concerned about natural disasters, but this figure could drop if more resources are available to people around the country. 

"The Red Cross and The Weather Channel are sounding the alarm to move people from concern to action," said Richard Reed, senior vice president of disaster cycle services at the Red Cross. "The time to prepare is now, whether it's downloading a disaster app, creating your family's evacuation plan or making sure you have extra supplies [or] medication on hand."

Property damage can be substantial

Recovering from a natural disaster like Sandy can take years, even for those who are well-prepared for emergencies. However, conducting a home inspection is a great first step for those who want to speed up the recovery process. 

Being prepared for an emergency requires homeowners to take steps to safeguard their families, but people should also consider ways to protect their properties. 

Darryl Madden, a Federal Emergency Management Agency spokesperson, told that disaster preparedness is vital for Americans and could help them in a wide variety of ways. Devoting plenty of resources to disaster preparedness plans may allow these people to protect their houses and could help minimize property damage during storms. 

"Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere," Madden told the news source. "By taking a few simple steps now, each of us can make sure we are better prepared for the next emergency or disaster."

Completing a comprehensive home inspection

Home inspection services are often crucial after natural disasters, as these evaluations can help homeowners learn more about a storm's impact. Those who complete a house inspection should review a property's interior and exterior, especially spots near windows or other areas that may have been damaged during a natural disaster. 

It takes time to finish a thorough property inspection, but this review is worthwhile for homeowners after storms. After it is complete, property owners can take steps to make immediate repairs that could have long-lasting effects.