Every property needs a home inspection, from new constructions to short sales. These steps provide buyers with a lot of value, and a licensed professional can educate and inform on a number of topics.

Despite the positives, many people aren't fully aware of the ins and outs of a home inspection, according to a study from the American Society of Home Inspectors. However, what they do know is that this step makes them more confident moving forward with a real estate transaction.

That is why everyone should have an inspection completed before committing to home - especially if it is new construction. These types of properties are often considered in perfect condition since they've never been lived in. On the contrary, a number of factors could become issues.

Inspections make buyers more comfortable

A survey conducted by the American Society of Home Inspectors found that a home inspection can be a serious plus for buyers. So much so, in fact, that this step could positively impact the image of foreclosures and short sales.

According to the survey, 85 percent of respondents stated that they feel that these distressed properties are good deals, and 84 percent noted that they would be more likely to buy one if an inspector said it was in good condition. 

"It is encouraging to learn having a home inspection increases homebuyer confidence," said Marvin Goldstein, president of ASHI. "We look forward to prospective buyers acting on the security brought by home inspections to breathe even more life into the recovering housing market."

In addition, 88 percent of survey participants reported that they are more confident in a property after an inspection takes place, ASHI reported. This large response highlights just how crucial this step can be. Before an inspection, buyers might not fully understand every little detail with their potential property. After, the inspector writes up an extensive report which covers all vital, important elements. That way, buyers can move forward - or walk away - from a sale with confidence that they made the right decision. 

However, not everyone understands what an inspector does. ASHI noted that some people think the job is only to check local building codes, and others confused it with an appraisal.