Home Maintenance Tips For Pet Owners

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While pets are a source of immense joy, they can also sometimes be a source of mess. For existing pet owners or someone who is considering a four-legged addition to the family, pet-proofing the home is strongly recommended. And while you’re at it, some home maintenance tips will do the trick in keeping your home in tip-top shape even with the bundle of energy running around.

Importance of Home Maintenance for Pet Owners

Pets require extra care and attention. Regular home maintenance ensures the comfort and health of your pets. While it keeps your home in good condition, your pet will also have a long and fulfilling life in a safe environment.

Regular maintenance reduces pet hair and dander, which can cause allergens and respiratory issues in both pet owners and pets. Keeping your home clean and fresh can make the space comfortable for your pets. Sometimes, pets can chew on furniture or scratch floors or even damage the walls with their paw. Regular maintenance can help to identify these problems before they turn into costly repairs.

So what can you do to ensure a healthy, safe, and comfortable living environment for you and your pet? Here are a few pet care and home maintenance things to consider:

1. Take Care of Dog’s Hair

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Having hair and fur on just about everything in your home may be painful, but that’s something you must learn to accept as part of having a furry friend. You can start by regularly grooming your pet. Regular bathing and brushing can remove dead hair, so your furry friend won’t shed as much.
You can easily shake the rugs and slipcovers outside to remove the furs before tossing them in the washing machine.

2. Clean Up Stains

Dog or cat urine can leave odor and stains on carpet or furniture so it’s best to clean it up right away to prevent any damage. You can use a homemade solution of 1 cup of tepid water mixed with 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid or commercial pet stain and odor remover. 
To remove fresh stains, blot the affected area with a clean cloth to absorb as much fluid as possible. Then, spray the homemade solution or commercial stain remover into the stained area. If you’re using the homemade solution, rinse it off by blotting it with a dampened clean cloth.

3. Protect Fixture and Furniture

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Train your dog or cat to stay off your couch. One way to do this is by covering couches with something your pets may not be too fond of. For instance, cats can’t stand the sound of rustling aluminum foil so covering your furniture with aluminum foil during the training period should deter your feline friend from lounging around. You can also use plastic carpet protectors.  
If your pet has the annoying habit of scratching the door when they want to go out, consider installing plexiglass on the door.

4. Store Food Properly

Ants have an affinity for pet food so if you don’t want an army of these pests marching around your house to scavenge for food, ant-proof your pet’s food bowl. The easiest way to do this is to set the food bowl in a pan of water.
Additionally, store the pet food in a container with a tight lid. This is to keep the food fresh and the feeding area tidy.

5. Wash Beddings and Blankets Regularly

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Pets love cleanliness in their resting place just like how we want our homes to be tidy and clean. So, when your pet's bedding, rug, blanket, and toys become soiled, it’s best to put them in the washer right away. This way, the dirt doesn’t pile up so it’s easier to keep everything spic and span.

If there is lots of hair and other debris in the bed or blanket, pet owners can take it outside first and shake it off. If you see some fleas, you’ll have to treat your pet with anti-flea spray or shampoo before it gets worse.

6. Set Up an Easy to Clean Cat Litter

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While uncovered cat litter works just fine, it’s better to go for an enclosed cat litter. Not only does your cat have its moment of privacy inside the litter, but this type also doesn’t make much of a mess.
If pet owners are using a pan, line it up with a plastic garbage bag before putting it in the litter. This makes it easier to clean up.

7. Mind Those Electrical Cords


What may look like an ordinary wire to you may look like a toy for your pet. So better get those electric wires out of the way or your pet may play and chew on them, posing a great hazard to you and your furry friend. And of course, it may cause problems with your appliances as well.
If it’s not possible to hide all the electrical wires in your house, another alternative is for home maintenance is to wrap them with a flexible plastic conduit. You can also get an Infrared Scan (IR) to check for any electrical hazards with the circuits and ensure the safety of your pets.

8. Maintain HVAC System

Fur and dander could also take a toll on your HVAC system. To make sure you don’t compromise air quality and your family’s comfort, your HVAC system must perform optimally too. To do this, you may want to consider upgrading your air filter. They can catch allergens and small particles like dander, ensuring excellent indoor air quality.

Another thing you need to check regularly for home maintenance is the air duct. Furs and hair can find its way into the air ducts if there’s a leak. And since air is circulated inside your home through the duct, having a clean air duct is tantamount to enjoying clean air.

House Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

A recent survey shows that an average pet owner spends over 832 hours, or close to over 34 days, every year cleaning up after their pets. Pets can often leave a mess wherever they go, and keeping the space clean is important to ensure the health and safety of both pets and humans living in the space. Here are a few house cleaning tips for pet owners:

  • Have a routine deep cleaning of toys, throws, blankets, and dog beds to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.
  • Protect your furniture with blankets and cushions to drape over the safe and protect it from muddy or dirty paws.
  • You can also opt for leather couch coverings, which are much easier to clean and offer a pet-friendly finish.
  • Pet owners can use anti-bacterial products to clean the floor and combat odor to ensure a fresh environment.
  • Cleaning up the mess after the pets leave the room by storing toys in a pet basket or at home is a great way to minimize the mess.

Home Maintenance Can Make Life Easier for Pet Owners

Pets are amazing to have around the house. They fill our days with joy and laughter. But owning a pet means taking care of things you may not have considered otherwise. Fortunately, if pet owners have the right home maintenance habits, they’ll soon find that these chores are a small price to pay for all the adoration and love they’ll be getting in return.