Spring has sprung and that means homeowners will likely be looking to clean and renovate their properties, especially since this time of year is perfect for a good sprucing up. Whether it's the inside, outside, roof or basement, the winter has likely been rough on a home. But, as the weather continues to get better, many homeowners will be looking to make improvements. 

Get rid of clutter

One of the first spring cleaning tasks every homeowner should take on is clearing up clutter in and outside of the home. As clutter might have built up over the winter, now is the perfect time to purge. Getting rid of things you don't need and better organizing belongings will make a house seem bigger, too. And don't forget the outside. Fallen branches and other foliage might have been littering a lawn, and now that the snow has melted, all of that debris is likely visible. Clearing these messes away from a property will greatly improve a home's appearance. Then, once all the clutter is removed inside and outside of a home, the deep cleaning can begin. 

There's nothing like the smell of cleaning products in the spring

Now that a home is free from clutter, cleaning can begin. From scrubbing bathroom floors to dusting fans in a living room, spring is the perfect time of year for a homeowner to open all the windows, roll up their shirtsleeves and get to cleaning. When undertaking a big spring cleaning, it's best to think of it like it's moving day. For example, instead of just cleaning around a couch, move it and clean the area underneath. Removing every item from a room encourages a deeper cleaning, keeping a home looking fresh for the warmer months of the year. 

Don't forget minor improvements

This time of year is also ideal for making home renovations. For those looking to improve the curb appeal of a home, a few minor repairs can go a long way. For example, painting a dull room can bring it back to life. Refinishing cabinets can make a kitchen look like it was completely renovated. These relatively minor repairs will go a long way in making a home feel and look better this spring. 

Get a home inspection

Another surefire way to improve a home is to have it inspected. For example, a 1 year anniversary inspection for homeowners will let them know about any issues with the property. These insights will help any owner better maintain their home and ensure there are no surprises later on.