There is hardly anything better than the feeling of waking up in a beach house. Just imagine the experience of sipping the morning coffee while watching the beautiful view and breathing in the salty air! No matter if you want some privacy or seek the enjoyment of exciting outdoor activities, purchasing a beach house offers you opportunities for both.

Due to the growing demand, beach houses have become a great option for investors as well. In this article, we are going to talk about 10 attractive beach house markets that investors should keep on their top priorities.

You’ll Thank Yourself for Investing in Any of These 10 Markets!

1. Hatteras Island, NC

Hatteras Island boasts one national seashore as well as seven peaceful and relaxed villages. People love to visit this place and unplug themselves. You can go for a romantic horseback ride with your partner, or climb up a lighthouse to see the beautiful sunset.

Hatteras Island welcomes around 2.5 million tourists every year. With an affordable median home price of $464,488, you will easily find an excellent investment property here.

2. Lake Anna, VA

This town along Virginia’s 2nd largest lake has two sections - a public side that has marinas, waterfront restaurants, and boat launches, and a peaceful private one where commercial operations are not allowed. People love to spend time near the lake and on the sandy shores in summer. In the fall, you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime experience if you hike through the colorful and beautiful trees along the lakeshore.

You’ll find some top-of-the-class waterfront properties around Lake Anna. The median home price is $499,949, and it offers a lucrative cap rate of 12.1%.

3. Navarre, FL

Navarre is a tiny beach town in the east of Pensacola that has a great appeal to both visitors and investors. Relaxation is the motto of the town, which is visualized by the people sunbathing and swimming in the emerald water. 

If you are looking forward to securing a spot in Navarre, you’ll be glad to know that the median home price is affordable here at around $416,138 while the cap rate is 8.1%.

4. Bethany Beach, DE

Bethany Beach, Delaware

This beautiful town surprises you with long sandy beaches and gorgeous surroundings. You can enjoy a plethora of fun and activities here, including kayaking, fishing, and more. You can also have an excellent time in the restaurants, shopping centers, golf courses, or tennis courts. The latest median sale price in Bethany Beach is $1.15m, which is up 50.3% from the last year.

5. Hilton Head, SC

Hilton Head is a stunning beauty that offers you a combination of Southern hospitality and coastal elegance. The town has top-of-the-class golf courses, beautiful surroundings, and a vibrant and welcoming ambiance. 

Hilton Head brings in around 2.5 million visitors each year, which explains the rationality of its high median price of 735,000. 

6. Grand Haven, MI

Grand Haven is a gorgeous town popular for its pretty soft beaches, endless family-friendly activities, and small-town charm. Visitors have a great time here by admiring historic lighthouses, listening to live music, and kayaking over the waves. 

Median rental revenue in Grand Haven is $311,192 and the cap rate is 6.3% here. For the highest return on investment, you can invest in a vacation rental on the shoreline that is a close distance from the vibrant downtown. 

7. Rockaway Beach, OR

If you are one of those people who love windswept shores and a bit cooler climate, then Rockaway Beach can be an amazing destination for you. Rockaway Beach offers excellent biodiversity, and vacationers have a pleasant time here by hiking, camping, or just flying a kite in the beautiful seashore. 

While the median home price is close to the six million mark at $595,000, the ROI you can enjoy here is worth the investment.

8. Dauphin Island, AL

Dauphin Island is famous for its gorgeous sandy shoreline as well as for its diverse wildlife. While it’s a top destination for people who love a quiet retreat, you can enjoy various outdoor activities as well. Visitors can go to the Audubon Bird Sanctuary, take a tour at Fort Gaines, or just kick back themselves on the public beach!

The median home price in Dauphin Island is $481,168, but the costs can go up if you get closer to the ocean. However, you have nothing to lose as the profit could increase too!

9. Gulf Shores, AL

Gulf Shores is highly admired for its amazing combination of white quartz sand with mesmerizing blue-green waters. You can enjoy fishing and ferry rides here as well as family fun along the wharf. Once you are done with your day at the beach, you can enjoy a pleasant nightlife here as well.

At a median home price of $471,417, Gulf Shores is an affordable investment option with a satisfying cap rate of 5.6%.

10. Ocean Shores, WA

Ocean Shores offers a kingdom of serenity to people who are tired of their busy and noisy lives. Thanks to the beautiful coastline, slow-paced lifestyle, and mouthwatering seafood, Ocean Shores allures renters and buyers from all across the country. 

With a median home price of $431,485, Ocean Shores hardly disappoints investors while offering an affordable option.  

Significance of Home Inspection in Protecting an Investment

Before you purchase a beach property, we suggest you get a home inspection. It helps to assess a property’s actual condition while uncovering issues that are not immediately visible. Especially in the case of beach houses, getting a proper inspection is even more critical as these properties have their own challenges and concerns. 

First of all, a home inspection reveals structural issues, defects, and other safety concerns that may cause a significant financial burden later. As beach properties have higher exposure to water damage, corrosion, and structural integrity,  they are more prone to hidden damages. This is why it’s important to get inspections to be aware of potential repairs and renovations that might be needed later.

Home inspection also helps to incorporate a detailed understanding of the maintenance needs of a property and budget accordingly. It discloses issues that may affect the market value and resale potential of a property. Using that information, you can make smart decisions on potential renovation projects and make necessary property upgrades to enhance the long-term profitability of your investment.

Moreover, beach properties often face environmental restrictions, zoning regulations, and insurance requirements that impact the use and value of the property. Inspections can help to navigate these complexities and ensure that your investment complies with local regulations.