Views from the outside

Across the country, housing markets find themselves in healthy positions.

Cities such as New York and San Francisco have long been hot destinations for individuals and families, no matter how expensive the cost of living is. Florida remains a suitable location for couples who are retired and want to escape the harsh winters, while Portland, Seattle and Austin are areas attracting scores of young people.

But these aren't the only markets in good positions as the calendar officially heads toward the fall. Potential buyers who missed out on buying a home in the spring or summer may still be looking for a home. But they aren't the only ones, as interest in becoming a homeowner may not have been a realistic thought until the fall.

Whatever the case may be, sellers have a lot working in their favor at this time of the year, as do buyers. Because there is less competition, sellers may may have to negotiate and accept a lower price in order to complete the sale. This is a positive for buyers.

On the other hand, sellers know that the housing market is still hot and plenty of people are still looking for homes.

With just the right features, sellers can ensure their homes sell quickly as the weather starts to chill.

Openness is king

The right outdoor attraction can boost your home's appeal immensely and lead to a quick sale. Two features in particular will help.

First is a backyard deck. These structures can come in handy at all times of the year, as the grill can placed here and when it's the summer, the deck serves as an place to entertain guests.

However, Trulia pointed out that decks are especially with younger buyers, and for millennial homebuyers, this could prove to be a dealbreaker. This generation has a particular fondness for the structures, and it's something sellers can use to their advantage.

An outdoor desk doesn't have to be extravagant by any means, but building one can instantly increase the interest in a house. Furthermore, the building material can also play an important role. [no new graph]When it comes to decks, wood is a good to material, but composite materials should also be considered because they require lower maintenance.

The second attractive outdoor feature is the balcony. The better the view, the more a young buyer will be interested in the home. With a balcony, individuals can use it in a variety of ways depending on the size. They can place a chair to sit outside while reading a book, or if it's smaller, they can simply take a few minutes getting some fresh air.

The kitchen

These days, too many walls is a bad thing. They're too obstructive and prevent families from keeping a close eye on children. And to make matters worse, walls can hamper a home's Wi-Fi reception to the point where catching up on a Netflix show becomes a struggle due to the constant buffering.

Open floor plans are attractive for many reasons. First, they allow homeowners to use the space as they see fit without any limitations. This flexibility can come in handy when hosting a large amount of guests. The same can't be said for houses where certain rooms might not get used at all because they're closed off or out of the way.

Not every wall can be knocked down, but sellers or buyers can work with an architect to identify which walls are supporting the home and which ones can be trashed.

Last but not least is the kitchen. It's an area where any work you put in will provide a good return on investment. Not only that, but a renovated kitchen will catch the eye of a potential buyer looking for modern trends. Even open kitchen plans are here to stay, The Washington Post noted.

Stainless steel appliances, stone countertops and smart home technology are just a few of the features today's kitchens incorporate. Sellers don't have to upgrade every part of such an important room, but a well designed kitchen can immediately catch the eye and boost a home's value.

Every potential buyer has a list of wants when looking for a home and sellers can use these desires to sell a home quickly while not lowering the asking price too much.