You may think with the harsh winter months over and spring showers coming to an end, the exterior of your home can finally take a much-needed break from the elements. However, summer storms and intense heat can cause damage to an unprepared roof, resulting in potentially costly repairs and internal water leaking issues.

You can ensure your roof is summer-ready by following these simple steps, allowing you and your family to get back to enjoying the warm weather ahead:

Clean Out Gutters

While April showers may have dwindled, summer storms will keep your roof battling the elements well into fall. To keep your roof in optimal condition to handle the upcoming rain, it is important to ensure gutters are free of debris. Doing so allows excess water to drain away from the roof properly. Gutters too heavy with debris will become clogged and could also detach from the roof, causing further damage. 

Use your garden hose to . In addition, apply a fresh coat of sealant to any compromised seams or areas where leaking is evident. 

Perform an Inspection

Have your roof regularly inspected to ensure any potential issues are addressed before they cause damage to the interior of your home. This is especially important after the harsh winter months and frequent spring showers. Shingles should be , and make sure none are missing.

Curling shingles are likely to break off during high winds, and the granules on deteriorated shingles can rub off to the point of causing leaks inside the home. 

Skylights should also be examined, along with the areas of the roof surrounding them, particularly checking for the condition of the seal around the window and for leaks in the window itself. 

Getting Ready to Sell

If you’re planning to buy or sell a home this summer or fall, a reliable home inspector can get onto the roof (if accessible), spotting any signs of trouble well before they turn into bigger issues.

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