Remove all personal photographs

The home sale process can take as long or as little time as you make of it. But even if you make all the right moves, your sale can still be bogged down by factors outside of your control, such as the surrounding neighborhood, the school district and even accessibility by public transportation.

You can't panic. Instead, make a commitment to a fast sale by following some of these tips, which you, as a seller, may not have initially considered.

Spice up the outside

Personal photographs from your wedding, family events and children's graduations are nice mementos to have when you're living in a home. It adds a "homey" feel and serves as a way to highlight important moments to visitors.

When it comes to an open house and showing off the inside of your residence though, you want to remove all of those personal pictures. When opening your doors for an open house, depersonalize as much as possible, Trulia recommended.

Here's why: Potential buyers may find the plethora of photographs offsetting. When going to an open house, buyers are trying to imagine themselves living in that house, but those moments aren't possible when they are surrounded by pictures of your children.

The same applies for any artwork you have decorating the walls or tables. It sounds almost counterproductive, but you need to make your home as bland as possible because you want to show off what the property offers. Artwork and photos that are kept up tend to draw attention away from the best features your home.

Storage is key

Curb appeal is an important part of the sale process. If the outside of your house does not look clean, maintained and visually pleasing, be prepared for months of trying to sell.

Curb appeal includes everything in the front of the home, from the paint and condition of the door, to lawn maintenance. Before any open house, be sure to cut the grass, trim any bushes and hedges and overall, make the front of the house look nice, HGTV advised.

To boost curb appeal, you may need to invest money into new paint or a front door. Don't worry, because chances are doing so will help boost up the home's value, and if so, you can bump up your asking price to reflect the investment.

And because spring is just around the corner, pick out some colorful flowers and position them near the walkway to create an inviting and personal feeling for potential buyers.

If you've lived in your home for years, you've probably questioned where all the space has gone. More often than not, families are pressed for storage because of an increasing amount of personal belongings.

Space is valuable during open houses because as a seller, you don't want to the rooms to feel to compact or crowded. But with so many personal items, storage space might be hard to come by. Even if you somehow manage to get everything to fit in a closet, you can bank on wanderers opening the closet and seeing the cluttered mess.

To remedy this potential predicament, consider renting a storage unit to use during the duration of time your home is for sale. When deciding if you should move something out of your home, consider the item's usage: If you use it everyday, keep it. You can otherwise put items in storage that aren't used as often.

With the spring homebuying season coming up, now's the time to start preparing to get everything in order to ensure a fast selling process.