The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. This area is a major selling point, and any homeowner who is looking to list their property might want to consider upgrading.

A bathroom remodel could get expensive, however, and proper planning before hand is crucial to keeping the budget in check while also making sure that all of the work gets done properly. When performing any improvements, a home inspection is a valuable asset for finding out if the job was completed well, or if there are any other concerning problems. 

Plan ahead when remodeling

Before an enterprising homeowner ever picks up the first tool or calls in the first contractor, a plan needs to be in place. The goal of the remodel should be established, as should the price and the design elements.

Cleanliness, organization and storage are a few of the biggest selling points in real estate, according to the National Association of Realtors. Potential buyers don't want to see the current residents' personal items everywhere, nor do they want to sift through their dirt and grime just to see what is underneath. Therefore, homeowners should plan their bathroom remodel to emphasize clean spaces with plenty of storage. 

Buyers want to be able to envision themselves in the property, the news source noted. A bathroom shouldn't be cluttered, and any extra furniture or decorations in the space should also be taken out. Homeowners love their stuff, but other people might not have the same feelings. Before selling, a property inspection could help determine any issues that may affect a sale.

A great remodeling plan also includes the budget, according to the DIY Network. How much money a homeowner is willing to spend dictates the materials, the design elements and what is actually being replaced. A budget might also help figure out what components can be refinished, instead of replaced. This step provides the look and feel of a new bathtub or sink, for a lot less money. 

Identify problems before they add up

A bathroom remodel might be quickly derailed if demolition uncovers serious flaws. Therefore, a home inspection is a must when planning any big improvements. Homeowners who take the time to prepare in advance are more likely to successfully complete their projects without a hitch.

Before remodeling, the plumbing and electrical systems need to be looked at, Better Homes and Gardens noted. This way, contractors or DIY homeowners understand where these components are in a bathroom, so money is saved by not rerouting plumbing or wiring. 

Problems can also crop up in the form of rot, rusty pipes or bad wiring, the news source reported. A property inspection before starting a project can help point out where these issues are, and if they need to be fixed. 

Pick great design options

Since a bathroom can make or break a home sale, the best design choices need to be made. Storage is highly important, as is functionality. If a bathroom is clean with a great layout, buyer interest could go up.

Additionally, shower storage is a big plus, according to Popular Mechanics. A built-in nook where homeowners can keep shampoo, soap and razors is a great idea, and should be considered when renovating a bathroom. The old flooring should also be removed, even though it is more time-consuming than just covering it up. Homeowners who put in the extra effort on this step will end up with a better finished product. Water damaged sections are also common in the bathroom, so replacing them is a smart move. 

Overall, a quality, clean bathroom is a must for any home. A licensed property inspection professional could help during a remodel or a home sale. If this room looks great, odds are buyer interest will go up.