As a homeowner, you're always on the lookout for ways to improve your house, whether for athletically purposes or functional ones. You wouldn't let a room's wind draft stay an issue during the winter, because not only would that area get colder and not enjoyable to be in, but you'd also waste money from all the escaped heat.

In other instances, you may find some upgrades just make the house more inviting or comfortable. You may not know it at the time, but some upgrades will increase your home's value.

Even if you aren't looking to move anytime soon, it doesn't hurt to increase the value of the area you're currently living at. You can never say never.

As an added bonus, you don't have to spend a fortune to increase the home's value. In fact, you can improve your house to make it better suit you, while simultaneously guaranteeing a higher asking price if you do decide to move.

Replace the front door

To start the inexpensive remodels off is the first thing visitors will see as they walk up: the front door. According to Trulia, this is the focal point of any home's curb appeal. Get it right, and those passing by will envy your house, while potential buyers will be drawn to further explore the property.

You can take a few approaches when it comes to this upgrade. The least expensive option is to give the door a facelift and paint it a different color. The other way is to completely replace the door. Choose something that appeals to a buyer's practical side and looks good from the outside, but is also secure.

Look in the bathroom

The toilet and bathtub are essentials. As such, upgrade them. Go out and buy a modern, sleek toilet that is also environmentally friendly to enhance not only the aesthetics of the bathroom, but also its functionality. Country Living stated that a new toilet can also present a tidy feeling that potential homebuyers will appreciate.

For the bathtub, consider reglazing it. You can either complete this process by yourself or have a professional service come out for you. While you can go out and buy a new tub, you should only do so if it's absolutely necessary.

Flooring in a bathroom is also essential, as the right tiling can add character and life to any space. Best of all, tiles are easy clean, which is a must for any household.

Go smart

Smart home technology has been around for a few years now, and 2016 looks to be when manufacturers focus even more on connecting your home to other electronics. These devices have quickly gone from niche to helpful for many homeowners.

Consider installing a smart thermostat. Many manufacturers have released their own thermostats, but they generally work to accomplish the same goal: heat and cool your house while saving you money and staying environmentally friendly.

The installation of smart thermostats is relatively easy, but you should still have a home inspection completed to make sure everything is working in terms of your heating and cooling. Once you get it up and running, adjust it as you normally would. Make it a point to do so while you're home, before you step out for work and then when you come home. The thermostat will then mimic these habits and do the adjustments for you. Now you can go to work, lower the temperature to save money but still come home in the middle of winter to a warm house.

Even better, you will be able to control everything from you smartphone. If you're at work and your children are getting home from school earlier than expected, you can adjust the temperature to ensure the kids won't come home to a chilly or hot household.

Homeowners should always be looking to install upgrades. As an added incentive, some of these changes will also increase your home's market value.