Home maintenance is critical, especially in summer. During this season, numerous insects could negatively affect the quality of a home, but diligent property owners can avoid these pests entirely.

Brett Lieberman, a pest control professional, told The Washington Post that June is a common month for ants, mosquitoes and other bugs to come out in full force. A well-prepared homeowner, however, can take the necessary steps to handle such issues without delay.

Clean gutters in advance

Clogged gutters can be problematic, as they create standing water that may attract mosquitoes to a house. While clogged gutters might seem difficult to examine, a comprehensive property inspection allows a homeowner to assess this issue and eliminate it quickly.

Additionally, cleaning gutters could help property owners avoid a number of other insects as well. Standing water makes clogged gutters popular breeding spots for various bugs, but a first-rate house inspection enables a homeowner to evaluate a residence at any time. Meanwhile, this property owner can clean a house's gutters and mitigate other possible problems simultaneously.

Cut the grass

Mowing the lawn not only can help property owners keep ticks and rodents away, but it may also help make a property more appealing.

Ticks often hide in high grass areas, but a homeowner who maintains his or her lawn can keep these insects away. Weeds may also cause long-term lawn problems, but active homeowners will be able to prevent such issues from arising.

Homeowners who want to raise the value of their properties should cut the grass regularly. If a property owner eventually decides to add his or her residence to the real estate market, a house that has curb appeal could garner more attention from property buyers.

Clean up thoroughly after parties

Summer is perfect for outdoor celebrations with family members and friends. However, after these parties are finished, clean up the area immediately.

Insects could be drawn to food that has been left out for a long time. A homeowner who spends a few extra minutes wiping down picnic tables, picking up trash and performing other cleaning tasks could keep insects at bay.

It takes an ongoing effort to maintain the quality of a property. Homeowners who act now could avoid major expenses down the line, as insects can cause substantial damage to a house. Instead, property owners can control pests with simple maintenance during summer.