Selling your home requires more than a visible listing, a few renovations and a quality home inspection.

One of the biggest steps to getting your home off the market is allowing your selling agent to do their job. Even though it may seem like your presence and input could be valuable during a showing, keep in mind that there is a reason that you hired someone else to cater to buyers. If you step on your selling agent's toes, buyers might feel apprehensive about viewing your home.

When selling agents show your home, buyers want to see a space that they can envision as their dream home without the current homeowner muddling the scene. Part of depersonalizing your space for a sale is actually removing yourself from the home. When your selling agent has clients over for a showing, go for a drive, head to the park or wander the mall for a bit. The key thing is to be gone when clients arrive.

Additionally, make sure you have a clear line of communication so your selling agent can notify you when when he or she is bringing clients by. If you have a lockbox - which is another way to ensure you don't have to be home when buyers are viewing your house - check to see that your voicemail is set up and respond to any notifications you receive. The message may from your selling agent to notify you of an appointment.

If you know buyers will be viewing your home at a specific hour, allow ample time to exit your home, including time to wake up, get groomed and dress yourself. The experience of bumping into a homeowner is already awkward for a buyer, but things can be even more uncomfortable if they catch you in the shower or come to view the master bedroom where you're still asleep.

Don't forget fluffy

If you have a dog, cat or other pet that can be distracting, take it with you when you leave the house. In some cases, you can crate your pet, but it still may pose an issue if you have a dog that likes to bark at unfamiliar guests, for instance. You may be able to place them in a small room during the showing, although doing so means buyers have one less room to see.

Showings can be as much of a deal breaker for buyers as the property inspection, so do what you can to help your selling agent.