When selling a home, you have to know what home buyers don't like to see as much as you know what they are looking for.

Some things that can push buyers away are non-negotiable, and there are other factors that they will be willing to compromise on for other amenities. However, there are some issues that can prevent your home from selling immediately:

Foul odors

Bad smells can send buyers running for the hills. They can come from pets, certain foods, water damage or even poor cleaning habits. After some time, maybe you've become accustomed to the smells in your home. This tends to be especially true of pet smells.

Most foul odors can deter home buyers from taking interest in a home. Additionally, those who are willing to overlook this offense will likely discover any water damage or mold following a comprehensive home inspection.

It's best to tackle odors before listing a home and avoid creating any new bad smells while showing the property. This means that a fish fry may have to wait until after you move into your new home.


Although a pile of washed soda cans can return 5 cents on the dollar at your local recycling center, it won't be as attractive to home buyers. The same goes for too many knickknacks and too much furniture. Buyers like to see open and organized spaces.

Given that you're hoping to move soon, it won't hurt to put away some unnecessary items. You'll want to show off as much open space as possible, even on bookshelves and countertops.


This is another area where buyers won't need to be employed in home inspection services to know that something is amiss. If your home has fallen into disrepair over the years, you'll want to perform some maintenance before inviting buyers into the property. Such repairs are even more important than renovations, as there's a small chance you'll find a buyer who is fine with popcorn ceilings and outdated cabinets. However, few buyers will be fond of a home that has doors that come off the hinges or loose shingles and siding.

Old decor

Keep in mind that while there are a few buyers who are looking to buy and flip an outdated home, there are many more who are looking for a new place to live. Lose the wallpaper and shag carpets that can date your home, and spend a little to update key areas like the kitchen and bathrooms.