After you've received a positive result from a home inspection and closed the deal on a new place, you have to face the most difficult part of the process: the move. While it can be daunting to take your whole life and transition it into a new space, the process can be relatively painless if you properly prepare. Naturally, large furniture pieces are a major concern for most people as they move, and if you're planning on transporting everything yourself, weighty items can present a serious challenge. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you haul those heavy items

Have a friend

Trying to move heavy or unwieldy items on your own is a recipe for disaster. Essentially, you're playing a dangerous game where you either damage your furniture, injure yourself or cause some combination of the two. Don't take that risk. Instead, get a friend to come along on moving day. You might have to buy them dinner afterward, but they'll make the task much easier and keep things safe. That's worth a few extra bucks. 

Grab some blankets

While you don't need to keep furniture warm in cold weather, you do want to keep it safe from dents and dings. Blankets are a great way to keep the finish on your prized items in perfect condition, so either pick up some actual moving blankets or grab some old blankets you aren't using anymore and wrap up pieces before you move them. Actual moving blankets are particularly useful, because their durability allows you to slide furniture items across the floor on top of the blanket.

Plan your attack

Nothing is worse than moving a heavy piece of furniture into a room before realizing you actually wanted to place it somewhere else. Rather than moving pieces repeatedly, make a plan ahead of time and draw out a blueprint. That way you'll only have to move each item once. 

Make multiple trips

Remove drawers from items and carry them separately. While it might take more time, it will make the entire process easier and more efficient. 

Be willing to get help

Though it would be cost effective to move everything yourself, it might not be worth it in the end. If you have items that are extremely valuable or oddly shaped, call a professional rather than risking damage to your item or new home. Moving difficult objects is a skill in itself, and you can definitely trust your beloved items with professionals.