November can be the unofficial start to the holiday season. In only a few weeks, relatives and friends may pour into a home ready to celebrate the many seasonal festivities. If this is the case, the entire property may need some regular maintenance.

This month can be the perfect time to look over a house from top to bottom. Any homeowners with additional questions may want to call in a property inspection professional. These experts can easily clear up any lingering thoughts or concerns. Also, proactive residents should double check several areas throughout their homes. 

De-clutter and prepare for winter

When winter does finally roll around, a lot of time is going to be spent indoors. Nobody wants a cozy December weekend interrupted by a roof leak or flooded basement. Therefore, November could be the ideal time to get everything up to speed.

For instance, a clean closet isn't just a design plus. According to MSN Real Estate, a cramped, crowded closet could even be a comfortable living space for pests or a potential danger to the home itself. If floor space is nonexistent, it may be time to clean out some of the extra clothes and boxes. Also, the door needs to be able to close easily, because they could get damaged when a hasty homeowner slams them shut. Wall racks could also get ripped out by the weight of too much stuff - all of which equals damage that never needed to happen in the first place.

On the outside of the home, it may be time to check the roof and gutters, the news source noted. A home inspection can help identify areas that need work, as well. If gutters are clogged with leaves, the water that should be draining away from the foundation could end up back inside the house. However, that isn't the only place to look for leaves. The valleys of the roof are one other place where a buildup could occur, which means that excess water could start to leak inside. On the ground, all drainage areas should be free of leaves, and too many on top of the grass might mean a dead lawn come spring.

Check kitchen appliances

As the holiday season fast approaches, it may soon be time to fire up the stove and start cooking. Therefore, all of those critical kitchen appliances should be looked over to ensure a safe and successful feast. Additionally, a home inspection professional can also look around and ensure all components are safe to operate.

Expensive appliances are an investment, according to BSC Culinary Resource. Just like any other major purchase, homeowners should commit to regular maintenance and upkeep. One good place to begin is with the refrigerator. At the back of this appliance are the condenser coils, which usually gather quite a bit of dust as time passes. The more buildup the worse the fridge performs, meaning a waste of energy. A vacuum or broom can be a simple solution. 

In addition, the oven will need to be in great working order for the holidays. Some newer models may be self-cleaning, which is a big plus for busy homeowners, the news source noted. However, not all options have this feature. It helps prevent excess dirt and grime by cleaning it after every use, especially the stove top. A quick wipe-down with a mild cleaner can do the job, or a stronger commercial variant for tough stains inside the oven itself.

During the winter months a lot more time will be spent inside. Now is the perfect opportunity to get a home up to speed, and a property inspection could be the perfect compliment to any fall maintenance. With these steps completed, homeowners can rest assured that their house is in great condition.