While the winter isn't peak homebuying season, it still could present a number of opportunities to certain sellers. If current homeowners are interested in putting their homes on the market, they might want to take advantage of this season to capitalize on fellow motivated buyers.

One great step before selling is a home inspection. A licensed professional can check the house for any problems and offer viable solutions to get it ready for viewing. Another awesome idea is some landscaping and gardening. The winter isn't the most beautiful time for plants and trees, but homeowners who want to sell now might benefit from an attractive exterior nonetheless.

November gardening ideas

This month might be the last time homeowners get the chance to prepare their lawn and garden for the winter. This could certainly help spruce up a home for a sale, or it could simply help make sure the lawn is ready come spring.

According to MSN Real Estate, bulbs can still be planted in November. The weather in certain regions throughout the U.S. could mean that now is the last time perennials can be planted. Any non-frozen ground might receive a boost from plants like crocuses, tulips and hyacinths. The sooner the better when it comes to planting, in order to increase the chance that they survive the winter.

In addition, November can be the perfect time to plant trees and shrubs, the news source noted. One reason as to why is because the roots can grow underground during the winter, before the added stress of leafing takes place in the spring. However, if these trees are still quite small by the end of the month, it might be smart to cover the trunks in paper tree wrap to protect them when the temperatures start to drop. Also, when plants, trees and shrubs are dormant - like in November - it can be safe to move them. Homeowners should dig a new hole that is plenty big enough and replant quickly. 

November can be a great time to add some curb appeal before a winter sale. A property inspection can also be a crucial step, and any problems with the house - both inside and out - should be dealt with immediately.

How to boost curb appeal

Once the yard and garden are in great shape, there are other areas that homeowners can focus on to improve curb appeal. Any questions could be asked of a home inspection professional, especially if the current residents are unclear about a potential  issue.

For example, one place to start could be with the driveway, according to Popular Mechanics. A strong edge here is a nice touch, and that can be achieved with simple bricks, pavers or stone. The edge could either be the same height as the driveway and lawn, or it could be slightly higher. The winter is also the darkest time of the year in the U.S. Anyone trying to sell could find that daylight is hard to come by, so they might want to add outdoor lights to provide a nice atmosphere. Solar lights can be cost-effective and attractive, and many can also be hooked up to motion sensors to alert the homeowners of any visitors.

Moreover, another simple curb appeal tip might be replacing all the hardware on the house, the news source explained. For instance, old, outdate locks and handles on the front door could be a bad look. Instead, a fresh change might help with the sale. Also, dirty light fixtures on the outside might need to go as well. Homeowners have a lot of flexibility with the details, and that - and a home inspection - could help with a winter sale.