October is a beautiful month for many reasons. The leaves are turning from dark green to bright oranges and reds, and many families are taking advantage of the weather to take part in fall activities.

However, October is also a great time to both clean up around the house and perform some simple home improvements. Proactive owners can prevent little problems from turning into big, costly ones, and a property inspection can also help identify areas that might need some extra attention during this month.

Maintenance tips for October

While many people want to enjoy the fall because it provides some of the last stretches of nice weather before winter sets in, that same mentality is a good reason for homeowners to take care of maintenance around the house.

Winterization is a must before temperatures drop even further and snow starts to fall, according to MSN Real Estate. October is the month to get it all done, and people can start by looking at the outside of the house first. A home inspection is a sound investment to double check a roof for hazards, and residents should also look to fix any damaged roof shingles.

On a warmer day, asphalt shingles can become flexible, the news source noted. Roofing cement can help seal broken shingles and reattach any that have curled up. These steps are crucial before winter so the roof is as structurally sound as possible. That will help keep the inside of the home warm and dry during the coldest months.

In addition, October is also a good time for homeowners to look over their siding. A property inspection during the fall is perfect to assist the winterization process. Common concerns include damaged paint, wood or other holes or weaknesses. Different siding requires alternate fixing kits, but any problems definitely warrant attention.

Focus on lawn care

October is also an ideal time of year for homeowners to clean up the yard really well, MSN Real Estate reported. Brush should be cut back from the home, which will help prevent insects from moving in, mold from growing and rodents from getting into the house. A home inspection could point out where dangerous locations exist outside the residence.

Moreover, the fall is perfect for lawn care and any other outdoor improvements, according to the Journal and Courier. Regardless of the type of yard, fall maintenance is a must.

Before homeowners focus on yard work, they first should determine what areas have sun and which are in the shade, the media outlet reported. This will determine the types of plants that can grow there. Planting in the fall months is a smart choice because roots can become healthier during the winter, and they will have more time to grow.

Additionally, mulching at this time is another good idea for homeowners. It can produce a steady soil temperature, which means that plants and grass are more likely to grow and be healthy. It can also be a cheaper way to introduce some extra color during the winter, which may be sorely lacking in bright, attractive flora.

Radiator tips for interior warmth

October is also time to look inside the house for simple maintenance tasks. A home inspection can find energy leaks and other places where heat can escape, and many older properties have radiators.

For starters, radiators may need bleeding, and the fall is the time to do it. In some cases, air pockets can get into them, making the units less efficient, Old House Journal noted. Homeowners can drop the thermostat, have a rag nearby for any excess water and open the air vent. Once air stops coming out and water starts again, that means the job is done. 

Radiators that are free from excess air will work better, which means the house may be warmer during the winter.