In today's real estate market, there are plenty of homeowners who decide to skip out on a Realtor and instead sell the home themselves. If this is the case, a lot of planning will have to take place before the transaction can go off without a hitch.

Throughout the process, the homeowners will need the help of trained professionals, even if they aren't real estate agents. A home inspection is a crucial part of selling any property, and both the seller and the buyer should have one completed. Therefore, confident sellers may want to have this step done, and also take a look around their house to make sure everything is in great condition.

Tips to sell without an agent

Homeowners who decide to sell their own property could potentially save a lot of money during the transaction. However, without the help of an agent the process could get confusing and complicated.

For starters, the buyer needs to be able to afford the home, and it is up to the seller to double check all financial aspects, according to MSN Real Estate. This is the first step when it comes to properly managing the transaction without help, and a lot of due diligence goes into the process. The seller needs to market the home successfully, and that factors in the overall condition of the house. 

Even if the professionals aren't the real estate agents, sellers should still consult experts when needed, the news source noted. This could mean an attorney during the closing to make sure all legal documents are in check, or a licensed property inspection professional to ensure that the home itself is in good shape.

MSN Real Estate explained that sellers will also have to manage this aspect correctly. Buyers usually want a home inspection, and it is up to the current homeowner to work closely with the inspector when the time comes. This aspect could also dictate the final price of the house. The report is a crucial piece of negotiations, and depending on the list of repairs buyers and sellers could go back and forth regarding who fixes what.

Get a home in the best possible condition

All sellers, especially those without the guidance of a real estate agent, need to get creative when it comes time to list the property. The changes don't have to be massive or costly, instead simple home improvements can make all of the difference, according to

One ideal first step is to upgrade, the news source noted. Each house should try to stand out from the crowd, and that could be as simple as picking one feature to showcase. All imperfections should be repaired, not covered up, and no buyer should leave unhappy with how the house looks.

A property inspection can be a great way for sellers to figure out where the home needs to be repaired, and it helps to have a professional eye that isn't biased in any direction.

Also, home sellers should stage their property. Not every buyer has the same preferences when it comes to design and layout, and a generic, model home may not be the best to live in, but it can sell.

Karen Hirschberg, a home stager in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, told the news source that sellers need to understand that they way they live isn't the best way to sell the house. She added that buyers can make assumptions about the inside based on the outside, so curb appeal also makes a big difference.

Overall, sellers who decide to not use a real estate agent should still hire professional help, like a home inspection, to make sure that the property is completely ready to be sold.