This past winter was a particularly tough one, and persistently cold temperatures and precipitation have likely been hard on a home. Spring is the perfect time for a home inspection, as homeowners should feel confident to take on some repairs to increase the curb appeal of their property. Considering the worst of winter is over, now is the ideal time for some home repairs. 


A roof has likely taken the brunt of what winter brought on. Homeowners are encouraged to assess their property's conditions now that the season is over and make any repairs as necessary. Common post-winter repairs for a roof include replacing shingles and fixing structural damage brought on by the snow. Shingles are a minor repair that can be done by a homeowner, but more serious repairs, including structural damage, might require the expertise of a roofing professional. 


Like a home's roof gutters can take a beating during the winter months. Whether they are damaged or clogged, improper drainage can lead to more pervasive issues. For example, if a gutter is frozen and not draining correctly, water could build up elsewhere around a home, potentially leading to flooding or damage to a home's foundation. 


The spring is the ideal time to assess the condition of pipes around the house. Cold temperatures could damage a home's pipes. Any freezing of pipes can cause them to burst. Not only will a homeowner be without water, but the damage from the bursting of a pipe can affect other parts of the home as well as destroy personal belongings.  


Like the roof, a home's siding has probably dealt with some harsh weather over the past few months and it's likely in need of some attention. Wind, snow, sleet and rain have been slamming against a home's siding, but now that spring is here, homeowners can feel comfortable making repairs. Problems with siding range from the possibility of water getting inside a home and leading to mold, to holes or leaks enabling pests to get inside. A siding repair can easily be done by a homeowner, and spring is the time to do it. 


Any inefficiency in a home's heating or cooling systems should be fixed immediately. As winter weather has caused heaters to work overtime while an air conditioning system lies dormant, spring is the point at which all that changes. Making sure there are no leaks when switching systems will not only ensure everything will work properly, but it will help keep heating and cooling bills to a minimum.