A great real estate professional knows the benefit of setting a scene - and every home must be prepared correctly before listing. If this isn't done, many potential buyers could walk right in the front door, then immediately turn around.

While losing a prospective sale is always a risk with a poorly staged home, overall safety and cost is also a factor. A home inspection prior to listing is ideal for finding the hidden hazards, and the next owner will be extremely grateful that problems were already taken care of. 

Perfect planning comes in two steps - fixing any headaches, and setting the stage for a beautiful showing. If a real estate agent or a homeowner takes the time to do this, a sale has the potential to generate more money and happen faster.

Find complications before selling

It's a little bit tricky to solve an issue without knowing what's wrong first, so before listing a house have a property inspection completed. Being able to tell any interested parties that a home has no problems - which means no more costly repair bills - is an instant competitive advantage, according to HGTV's FrontDoor.com. 

During the selling process, reassured potential buyers are more likely to move forward with a sale. The fear of the unknown is a very real risk when it comes to real estate, and a reassured buyer is a happy one. While some obvious problems are common turn-offs, some issues are harder to spot, like pest, water and foundation damage. 

Another benefit of a pre-listing home inspection is saving time and money, FrontDoor.com stated. New homes aren't exempt from areas of concern, either - therefore, professionals might be able to find problems, or put buyers' and sellers' minds at ease. A lot of money is set to exchange hands during a home sale, and because of that fixing any issues quickly will speed up the process. In addition, it could save money by stopping a small home hazard from growing into something much worse. 

Set the stage before listing

Being able to stage a home beautifully is a hallmark of a professional real estate agent. Homeowners should give it a shot, as well, and there are a number of easy changes that should be done pre-listing. 

For example, minor repairs shouldn't be neglected, like holes in screen doors or other items that hamper curb appeal, according to MSN Real Estate. The first impression is often the most important one, and little dings and scrapes to an entryway can set the tone for an entire showing. Any signs of neglected maintenance might also give the impression that larger problems weren't fixed, either. 

Moreover, a great exterior cleaning will boost curb appeal. No prospective buyer wants to drive up and see gutters clogged with leaves and debris, or trash littering the front lawn. 

Additionally, any damaged or broken bathroom tiles might be indicative of water damage, which should be fixed immediately.

The cleaning extends to the inside of a home, as well. Experts recommend taking care of any unfortunate odors. Removing the smells start at the source, and sometimes air vents should be cleaned and carpets either washed or replaced, according to Bankrate.com.

These issues are not something a new owner wants to deal with, which is why finding problems before selling a home is crucial. Very few buyers want to repair the last occupant's damages, the website noted. In fact, the smoother a move-in will go, the more likely the home will get sold fast. 

Therefore, a property inspection prior to listing is an ideal solution for any real estate headaches. With proper planning, selling a home will be a breeze.