Options while you are away

When you decide to purchase a vacation home, it can be an exciting time. You will have a fun getaway option whenever you need it. While you may find a great deal of enjoyment out of owning a second house in a fantastic location, there are a number maintenance concerns you will need to consider. This is especially crucial because you will spend time away from the property on a regular basis. You should hire an individual to check on your property routinely, know your options if an emergency occurs and may have to perform maintenance and repairs at the start of each vacation season.

Have a plan for emergencies

While we all wish we could stay on vacation all year long, you will need to make your way home. While you are not at your second home, it is important that you have a trusted individual who can regularly check on your property and alert you if any issues arise. HouseLogic noted that you have a few options to choose from.

Local caretakers can keep your home clean or maintain it regularly. Before hiring a caretaker, ask your neighbors for recommendations. They can be a valuable resource for information.

The tasks you expect your hired caretaker to do depend on your preferences and can determine the price. If you do not want to pay a monetary fee for someone to do minimal tasks, such as monitoring your home for damages, flushing the toilets in your house and turning on the faucets, you may want to consider asking if a local neighbor would be available. Consider working out a system to help one another out and rotate your home inspections.

If your home is located in an area that does not have an off season, you may consider renting your home out and having a property manager regularly check on and ensure that your house is properly maintained. This might even supply you with some extra income depending on rental rates and the length of time your residence is borrowed.

General maintenance and upgrades

Sometimes, bad things happen. Whether there is a natural disaster, such as a flood, or a pipe bursts in your home, it is important to have a plan ready and to respond to the emergency immediately. This is why having someone regularly monitor your property is so important. If an issue arises, he or she can alert you right away, and you can determine how to respond right away. Realtor.com noted that distance is one of the factors you should consider when deciding to purchase a vacation home. The National Association of Realtors recommended not owning a second home that is further than 180 miles, or three highway driving hours, away. Closer proximity may offer more convenience if there is an emergency and you need to be present to address the situation.

You should keep a list of local professionals who can immediately respond to an issue and ensure that whoever regularly maintains or monitors your vacation home has a key and can let a professional into your home to address a situation.

According to Forbes, you will need to to your vacation home. Especially after an off season, you may need to replace shingles on your roof or gutters that may have been damaged while you were away. You should also conduct a mold inspection around your home and make sure that you do not have any other issues that may have developed. 

In addition, you may want to upgrade certain aspects of your vacation home. Consider a new coat of paint, patio furniture or a new air conditioning or heating system if necessary.