In an age of interactive media, one medium stands out that real-estate agents should take full advantage of: video. It may sound easy enough to shoot a promotional message that is only a few minutes in length, but much more must be accomplished to create an effective message. After all, brokers are attempting to gain the business of homebuyers.

If you're a real-estate broker, videos can be a particularly effective tool for your weekend showcases, in addition to boosting your online presence. You don't have to be the next Steven Spielberg to create compelling messages, but you can keep some factors in mind to attract business, especially as the housing market is on the upswing.

Create a filming plan

Filming a video is not as simple as hitting the record button. According to Goodfellow Coaching and Consulting, you need a detailed plan outlining what gear you will need, the filming locations, dialog and B-roll footage. For example, if a new house has recently been listed on the market, your plan may include outside and inside shots acting as B-roll, and other images of you giving the tour. It's important to map out your dialog because this allows you to discuss the home inspection process with potential homebuyers and ease any concerns they may have.

Likewise, your plan should also include details regarding the type of gear you'll use, and how you'll obtain it. If you are planning to ramp up your video production, you may benefit from purchasing your own equipment in the long run. Be sure to account for everything, including potentially purchasing a new computer to handle the editing software.

However, you may find it more appealing to hire a professional service to handle your needs. They have the experience and equipment, but can be costly.

Obtain the right gear

Smartphones can offer great quality for home videos that will look nothing short of amazing. However, you shouldn't use an iPhone to create videos for work, because in simple terms, professional grade cameras offer more than any smartphone ever could. Sure, application developers have created editing tools and filters so everyone can channel their inner-filmmaker, but in terms of quality, there is no comparison. While the smartphone is good in its own right, a professional grade camera is able to to record images in much more detail and handle lighting better. If you are looking to create a professional-quality promotional video, use the right equipment, including any peripherals that will help capture sound better. 

Determine your audience

As a real-estate broker, your videos need to account for your target audience. Your clients likely include buyers and sellers, but you should also keep in mind lead generation. High-quality videos can persuade potential homebuyers to contact you for your services. It's important to keep them in mind, because after all, not everyone remains a buyer. The theme and main idea of your videos should differ depending on who you're trying to appeal toward. For instance, if you create videos only about homes currently available, you are not fully expanding your reach, as sellers are left out.

Market your videos

After your videos have been shot and edited, you will want to plan how to market them. You can either post them all to your personal website at once, or spread them out so you have content over a longer timeframe. Likewise, you should promote the videos through the social media services you operate. The more traffic generated, the better the results. You'll benefit from staying informed of the latest video trends. As with anything online, trends are always changing. For example, Forbes contributor Erika Trautman, CEO of Rapt Media, said mobile video will matter more than ever in 2015. This means that as a real estate agent, you need to ensure your videos can be played on smartphone and tablet screens.

Part of your marketing effort will include which websites you use to host your videos. For the ultimate convenience, you may want to capitalize on two of the largest hosting websites, according to Business 2 Community. Facebook and YouTube will net you the most views. However, your hard work may not come off as professional and have difficulty generating leads on YouTube, as the service is notorious for cat videos. 

For a more premium feel, Business 2 Community said Vimeo offers a good alternative, although this will come at a $200 per year fee. Whatever service you choose, Forbes contributor John Rampton said to create a video posting schedule.

There are many methods for real-estate agents to generate leads and shed light on their services. An effective method is video creation, but before anything is filmed, brokers need to carefully detail the process and create an effective video creation creation plan.