Since our inception, WIN Home Inspection has partnered with those who have dedicated their lives to their country: Veterans and First Responders. We take pride in being a Top 50 Franchises for Military Veterans, part of the VET FRAN community and offering special discounts for Veterans and First Responders. In addition, each week, WIN strives to recognize those currently deployed by participating in the R.E.D. Friday's nationwide movement. 

What are R.E.D. Fridays?  

R.E.D. Fridays are a practice in wearing the color red on Fridays because R.E.D. stands for “Remembering Everyone Deployed.” This serves as a reminder for Americans to remember all our military personnel deployed in service to our country. 

How did R.E.D. Fridays begin? 

“R.E.D. Friday” began in the mid-2000s through email word-of-mouth. As this practice spread, it 

grew into a movement amongst individuals and organizations – including companies like WIN that participate in this tradition every week. 

WIN’s adoption of R.E.D. Fridays 

Participating in R.E.D. Fridays are just one more small gesture we as a company can make to bring more awareness to those dedicating their lives to service. Each Friday, members of the WIN family ranging from franchise owners to support staff participate in this tradition. Not only does the company wear red, but WIN has red polos dedicated solely to this initiative. 

What it means to be a Veteran at WIN 

While all WIN employees proudly carry on the R.E.D. tradition, this weekly event holds a special place in the hearts of the one-third of franchise owners that are Veterans.  

“I enjoyed my time in the Navy, and after I got out, I didn’t know what to do next,” said Cory Loveless, owner of WIN Dunedin in Florida. Cory served in the Navy for 10 years, spending time on both coasts of the country fixing F-18 fighter jets and deploying around the world. 

“I loved the opportunity that being a WIN owner would bring and the way they take care of Veterans. I enjoy being able to give back to other veterans by providing a thorough inspection and peace of mind as they purchase their home.”

For Josh Brewer, owner of WIN Eagle Mountain in Texas, he found the opportunity to own his franchise as a great way to put the skills he learned while in the service to use. 

“Owning my own business is a great honor and allows me the opportunity to put the skills I learned in the military to good use,” he said. “Serving in the military was a great experience and very fulfilling. Now, I’m happy to move on to the next stage of my life and apply the lessons I learned in the Marine Corps to my WIN franchise.”  

Looking to join the WIN family?  

WIN is proud to be the preferred choice by Veterans and First Responders. One of the ways we can give back to Veterans as they transition to civilian life is through our variety of discounts and resources, which includes a 25% discount on the initial franchise fee.  If you are interested in joining the WIN family, we invited you to learn why Veterans make successful franchise business owners. To learn more, contact us at (800) 967-8127 or email

 Andrew Jesen
Scott Loignon