If you are planning to sell your home, it is important to know what the average buyer wants to see when they decide to invest in real estate. A high volume of young adults are expected to purchase houses starting this spring. Updating your house to match what this demographic of homebuyers wants or emphasizing the presence of some desirable features in your home can help you sell your property quickly. 

Energy-saving features

Millennials are interested in living greener lives and saving a little bit of cash doesn't hurt either.  Energy-efficient appliances are high on the list of wants, according to Forbes. 

Consider replacing any old appliances with energy-efficient units and think about installing new windows that help fight the loss of heat or coolness. Decide what you can afford to incorporate into your house before you sell. After a home inspection, millennial buyers will likely be pleased to hear about any new energy and money saving features. 

Rooms with a variety of purposes

Many young home buyers want to purchase homes that give them flexibility. They like houses with rooms that offer a variety of potential uses, such as a hobby room or home office. A dining room is less appealing than an empty room that provides endless possibilities for functionality. If you have a dining room, consider keeping it empty, staging it as something else or emphasizing the different uses that are possible. 

The National Association of Home Builders also noted that  millennial homebuyers are more interested in houses that have laundry rooms. If you do not have a laundry room currently, consider pitching another space as a potential place for this feature. Note whether a water hookup is simple or available in the potential laundry room space as well. 

Features millennials can live without

The survey done by NAHB indicated some younger buyers are willing to go without certain features in a home. Proximity to work, public transportation, shops, restaurants and bars can be sacrificed for a home with energy-efficient windows. 

In addition, while a finished kitchen or bathroom is important to a millennial looking at a potential new home, unfinished space, such as a basement or garage, is acceptable to a younger buyer. 

Selling a home can be a great deal easier when you know what your audience is looking for in a purchase. Cater to the needs of the buyer as much as you can and get your property off the market faster.