Home inspection services appear to be in high demand, mainly because many of today's homeowners are finally remodeling portions of their homes to a state that's more in line with their taste.

According to a recent survey conducted by remodeling establishment Houzz, more than half of respondents indicated that now is the time to take up projects involving renovations.

The poll also revealed what portion of the house most homeowners wanted to have done over. And once again, the kitchen was among the leaders, as roughly one in every four respondents said that they wanted to refurbish the room of the house that experts say is typically the most trafficked.

At the same time, though, there are many people who can't afford a renovation. In fact 45 percent of homeowners, according to Houzz, say they will put off their refurbishing project because of the down economy and meager finances.

Revitalization can be simple and inexpensive
Fortunately, kitchens can be modernized without having to implement a major construction project.

The easiest and most affordable way of going about this is by replacing commonly used kitchen utilities and storing places. For example, faucets may seem like something that's not given much attention. But those who overlook them are doing themselves and their kitchen's decor a disservice, as the knobs and faucet itself can give the food preparation room some panache.

A fresh coat of paint can work similarly. Depending on the color and where things are situated in a kitchen, it can be made to appear larger and brighter with a change of shade or a new color scheme altogether. Some of the most popular colors found in kitchen today are white, yellow and egg shell.

Then there's lighting to consider. Switching out a tired, rundown ceiling fan that's affixed with dim lighting with a more personalized lamp and shade can help balance style with overall functionality, allowing visitors to see the intricacies of the kitchen itself and what makes it unique.

Don't forget the cabinetry, either. At hundreds if not thousands of dollars, replacing cabinets can be pricey. However, by restoring the doors, repainting them with a color that complements the walls or substituting the handles for more contemporary offerings can revitalize a kitchen and make it appear as though it's gone through a wholesale change.