This winter has been a particularly rough one. Persistent cold temperatures and incessant precipitation have been rough on houses. As a result, homeowners are likely wondering about the best repairs to make at the end of the winter. 

Before starting on any upkeep, homeowners are encouraged to have a home inspection. This will help point out any issues that might have been caused or exacerbated by  winter weather, enabling homeowners to better craft a budget and schedule their time. There are a number of common repairs that they will likely have to take on as a result of this winter. 


Winter can be especially hard on a home's pipes home. As temperatures drop, pipes freeze and often burst. This can be a nightmare for any homeowner and could lead to a number of other issues. It could also mean no running water in a home for an extended period of time. As a result, homeowners are encouraged to have their pipes looked at by a plumber. 

Roof and gutters

Precipitation and wind have been wearing on roofs and gutters for months now. Homeowners will want to assess the condition of their roof, seeing if shingles need to be replaced. However, they will also want to inspect the gutters. If any are not working properly - as a result to damage or being clogged - it's critical to get them working properly. Improper drainage could cause flooding elsewhere in a home. 

Caulk any leaks

Homeowners should look for any leaks that have been caused by winter weather. Whether it's the roof, siding, windows or doors filling in leaks with caulk will keep bugs and mold out of a home. It can also make heating and cooling systems more energy efficient.