The weather is warming up and wedding season is quickly approaching. Weddings can be fun, lovely, exciting and of course, very expensive. Having a wedding in your backyard might be a more affordable alternative to renting out space at a large ballroom or museum downtown. After completing a property inspection and ensuring your yard can handle the event of your dreams, follow these tips to create a perfectly romantic setting for your special bash: 

Know your budget 
While saving a major chunk of change on a venue might seem like you can disregard your budget, remember you must prepare the space for an event of this caliber. For example, you may need to rent tables, chairs and other items to ensure your wedding goes smoothly. It is important to still determine your budget even if hosting the event in your backyard will save you money. 

Having a backyard wedding does offer economical benefits. Bridal Guide noted you do not have to think of each guest as an added expense. A backyard wedding eliminates this stress because you eliminate the per-person charges often assigned at venues. However, make sure you track your spending to determine true overall savings. 

Save, save, save 

When hosting an event in your backyard, the connections venues have to various vendors disappear. You will be in charge of finding the best deals. Bridal Guide recommended asking friends or family members to help out with various tasks. For example, if you have a friend who is a florist or cousin who caters, ask if they can provide you with a discount or even just get advice for cutting down on expenses. They likely will be able to give you some valuable insight and potentially save you some green. 

Also ask to borrow items from your loved ones. If someone else recently celebrated a wedding, they might still have their aisle runner, tables or other features you could incorporate into your own celebration. 

Don't try to buy a ton of new items for your wedding. If you want to decorate your event, get creative. Buy items on craigslist, head to estate sales or antique stores to find old and more affordable purchases you can dress up for the big event. Even think about painting old items to refresh their look and use them as decor for your wedding party. 

Anticipate weather issues 

While mother nature can be breathtaking, she can also be frustrating. In case of bad weather, it is important that you establish a backup plan in case it is too cold, wet or rainy. The Knot suggested finding an alternative you can be just excited about as your initial plan. 

Also include information in the invitations you send out about your second plan if weather does not cooperate to ensure there is no confusion among your friends and family regarding where to head for the celebration. 

There are a few ways you can combat certain aspects of the weather. For example, finding areas with plenty of shade to reduce the impact heat might have on your guests. Also offering enough water and cold drinks to satisfy thirst can help discourage overheating. 

Talk to your neighbors 

If you plan to host an event in your backyard such as this, it is important to discuss this with your neighbors. It is polite to keep everyone informed whom might be affected by the noise or potential parking woes that may arise as a result of the event. 

In addition, your neighbors may offer to allow some guests to park in their driveway and this can help immensely during your wedding.

Take advantage of the scenery 

Your backyard likely has some very beautiful features. Wedding Party, a wedding publication, noted that the trees, flowers and other natural accents may also cut out the cost on floral arrangements and other decorations. Contemplate hanging lights from the trees to add charm and complement the current features already present in the space. 

Also consider using the outdoors as inspiration for your wedding theme and colors. If your backyard wedding is located on a farm, incorporate hay bales with colorful pillows for seating options or use the barn for your reception. 

Devise a plan for bathrooms 

You likely do not want everyone waiting in line inside the home for the bathroom. Renting bathrooms provide a great alternative. Apartment Therapy noted there are luxury rental bathrooms available you may want to invest in for your guests. This provides them with a place to wash their hands and check themselves out in the mirror. Think about including an amenity basket in these bathrooms. Combine bobby pins, hairspray and band aids. 

Also, know the number of guests who will attend your wedding. This impacts how many bathrooms you will likely need for the event.