Having a wedding in your backyard has an array of benefits. You can capitalize on the sentimental value of the location, cut pricey venue expenses and invest yourself into the production of the event. While hosting a backyard wedding may present itself as a clearly better alternative to renting a venue, you should contemplate a number of other factors when planning the event to ensure the process runs as smooth as possible. 

Follow these tips to put on the perfect backyard wedding and enjoy the fruits of your labor: 

Check for sloping 

When organizing your wedding in your backyard, it is crucial that you find level ground. The Knot noted your vendors and tent company will likely need flat ground to set up for the special day. Have a property inspection to determine whether you have sloping issues in the yard and arrange to have these leveled. You can potentially do this task yourself depending on your location and access to certain resources. 

If you live on a farm and own a tractor or Caterpillar equipment, you can level the ground and redistribute the dirt with your machinery. You might even consider renting these machines to complete the task on your own. However, if you do not feel capable of level your land, hire a professional to complete the task. 

Plan your landscaping 

Once you ensure your land is flat and ready for a party, you may want to figure out how you will address any other landscaping concerns. In some instances the current flower beds and garden might complement your current wedding plans, but if they do not, you may need to create a plan for landscaping. 

You might want to think about your vision for the wedding. Decide whether certain landscaping choices may enhance or distract from the event. Try to incorporate colors that match the theme of the wedding.

Install Direct also noted that a lawn may suffer from a high volume of guests dancing the night away in your backyard. Adjust your landscaping plans to address this potential issue. For example, you may decide not to add fresh sod to certain parts of your yard if you plan on installing a dance floor. 

Consider indoor space 

If you want to keep guests outdoors, that's perfectly fine. However, if you want to offer additional room indoors to mingle, A Practical Wedding noted you may want to tailor the rooms in your house to accommodate a large volume of people. Think about clearing out larger furniture and making way for cocktail tables. 

Hiring a cleaning company to come in and deep clean your home prior to the big day and even after may help immensely. This can alleviate any stress from preparing your home and cleaning up following your special event. 

Play up your favorite backyard feature 

Every backyard has a beautiful feature that stands out. Whether you live in front of a winding river, planted a beautiful oak tree that's growth thick and full or have a lovely garden, use these accents as decorations for your wedding. Contemplate setting up your ceremony, dinner and reception to appreciate these features, recommended Real Simple. 

Sentimental pictures 

The great thing about having a wedding at your home is that you can control when the pictures are taken. If you want to hire a photographer, you can have them come during the wedding, after or even before. You have flexibility because you do not have to work around the schedule of other brides and grooms who might also be getting married at the same venue. 

Take some pictures near the tire swing your grandpa put up for you or the spot you told your spouse that you loved him or her. Since your wedding is located in such a sentimental spot, you can capture memories that carry a deeper meaning for you on that special day. 

Bring the indoors outdoors 

Comfortable seating is crucial. Consider bringing your favorite sofa or arm chair outside for guests to lounge in during the event. If you don't want to use your own furniture, purchase antique chairs, tables and sofas to create a living room outdoors. This beautiful and chic look can be inexpensive and leaves you with a number of treasures after the big event. 

Know what to splurge on 

One of the most important considerations you should have while planning any wedding is knowing what you want to splurge on for the big event. If food is important to you and your spouse, allot a larger portion of the budget for a catering company. If you want to have a live band and deejay, don't hesitate to budget for both. Remember this is your special day and you decide what is most important.