Securing your loved ones and personal belongings is of upmost importance. Protect your home from burglary with a home security system or these tips for ensuring that your home is safer from uncontrollable variables: 

Lock your windows and doors 

If you aren't ready to make an investment in an electronic security system, practice a few important rituals to help deter crime.

Get in the habit of regularly locking all of your windows and doors whenever you leave your home. Also, ensure that garage doors are locked and secured. By making the house more difficult to enter, you can decrease the likelihood of robbery.  

Sliding glass doors are particularly susceptible points in a home because they have latches and do not lock. The Crime Doctor suggested placing a wooden dowel in the track to prevent the door from sliding open

"Ruff" or bluff 
Owning a dog is another way to deter burglars from attempting home intrusion. This might be the perfect excuse to finally adopt a furry friend. However, if investing in a dog is not something that is in the cards, the Chicago Tribune suggested that a "beware of dog'" sign can give the illusion that your home is being protected by canine. 


Leaving a light on indicates activity in a home. Burglars would rather commit their crimes when no one is home. If a television or lamp in the living room is left on, a home invader may be more likely to assume that someone is home. 

Outdoor lighting is also important. Illuminating the perimeter of your home makes it more difficult for strangers to sneak around your property undetected.

Alarms and systems

As important as home invasion prevention is, other threats to your home include fire and carbon monoxide. If you decide to invest in a security system, select one that also offers additional protection from these hazards. Quality devices will offer the best protection. If you choose to install this technology, alarm system inspections should be integrated into your security routine. 

The noises that alarm systems create are also very powerful crime deterrents. Including one of these systems among your other precautionary steps can strengthen your home defenses. Also, leaving any stickers up that advertise a home security system being in place even if it has been removed or isn't currently working can help prevent break-ins.

Conduct a general home inspection and check for any possible weak spots that a home invader would be able to take advantage of during an attempted robbery.