Doors and windows are obviously a core component in a house, and each one is critical for proper function and home safety. Without the right upkeep, they could fall into disrepair and stop working. If each door and window isn't doing its job, the overall home security could be at risk.

As some of the most used features, every homeowner should try to stay up-to-date with regular maintenance, and always check to make sure every door and window - both inside and outside a house - is in working order. If there are any concerns, a home inspection could find issues that might not be obvious on the surface.

Fixing a broken window

The window is a major security feature of a home, it just might not appear that way on the surface. Necessary to keep both people and inclement weather out, a poorly operating window should be fixed quickly.

In addition, if one isn't working properly, a home's energy bill could skyrocket. Drafts are a common problem, and leaks can let cold air in or hot air escape, and vice versa, according to HouseLogic. Don't wait until the issue is unbearable, take care of the window with some simple solutions. Especially if a house is about to hit the market, a draft doesn't need to be a factor in a home sale. 

Sometimes, the obvious answer is also the correct one. For example, with leaky windows - fill the holes. Before starting, remember to remove all of the old caulking and weather stripping, since leaving that on will prevent the replacements from adhering correctly. 

Common home products can provide a surprising help when removing sticky substances. Petroleum jelly can get rid of pesky adhesives, and that could be the difference between a great window seal and a bad one, according to HouseLogic.

Moreover, regular maintenance is need once a window opens and closes well. Caulking and weather stripping can wear over time, and if the locking mechanisms aren't in working order it could be a security risk. Additionally, exposed nails or screws might be dangerous for the home's occupants, as well. 

To spot any problems, have a property inspection done before buying or selling a house. Some concerns are hard to find, and critical home components shouldn't be ignored. 

Interior and exterior door maintenance

Not only are entry doors used every day, they have to take a beating from every type of weather imaginable, day after day. After a while, these doors can stop working, and some may stick, squeak, or get damaged. Bad exterior doors aren't just a safety hazard, they also can reduce a home's value and damage curb appeal. 

Similar to windows, a door leak can spell disaster for a home's energy bill. Always check the caulk around the edges, and consider adding weatherstripping or a weatherboard to the base to help a door function properly, according to the DIY Network.

Squeaky hinges are a nuisance both on interior and exterior doors. A frequent fix is lubricant, so remove the pin and clean the barrel and hinge leaves. Use silicone to coat the entire system, then reassemble. Once done, a door should be opening and closing flawlessly.

Even if the exterior doors are perfect, they can take a hit from the areas around them. Gutters and overhangs are designed to keep water off of a home, and if they aren't working then a door could get damaged, too. Cracked glass in a window or door should be replaced, and some damaged areas may lead to moisture getting in between the panes. Overall, inspect the roof and keep all of these components clean, according to window and door company Jeld-Wen.