Even in a market that favors sellers, you still have to do your best to get the highest offer for your property.

You may turn to a real estate agent to help you get your home off the market quickly and for an attractive amount. While the expert is there to help you sell your property and is paid for his or her time, you still have to ensure that you're not getting in the way of the process. You might not be aware of it, but there are some behaviors that can be off-putting to agents and in turn your potential buyers.

Here are some habits to avoid so that you don't annoy your agent:

Don't hang around the house during showings

Despite your charming demeanor and cheery attitude, you'll do more harm than good if you're on the property when potential buyers are visiting. When they view the property, they're trying to envision themselves in the home rather than see you there.

Whenever your selling agent is showing your property, go for a walk, shopping or to see a movie. Whatever you choose, make sure you're gone well in advance of the guests' arrival. Sellers who hang around appear obtrusive and pushy or to be hiding a major issue that will later be revealed by the home inspection. Let your agent do his or her job and get out of the way.

Don't argue for a higher listing price

After years of creating memories and putting money into a home, you likely have an ideal figure that you'd want to receive. While it is important to get a reasonable closing price, only your real estate agent can determine what constitutes a fair price.

When determining the list price for your property, selling agents examine national housing market trends as well as the sale prices of comparable properties in your community. Based on this data, he or she will arrive at a final amount. This figure is not meant to account for your sentimental attachment, and you may not be ready to sell if you can't accept the price calculated by your agent.

Don't leave a mess in your home before selling

When it comes to staging your property, it's helpful to get some tips and a hand from an expert. However, real estate agents are not housekeeping professionals. It is your job to ensure that your home is neat and clean when potential buyers arrive.

Furthermore, the property needs to be clean at all times. You never know when your agent is going to call and say that someone wants to see the property in a short time. Remove clutter, wash dishes and depersonalize your home. Also, don't attempt to shove the mess into a hall closet or other storage space. When viewing a home, interested individuals like to open every door and inspect each nook and cranny. No detail is too small to ignore.

Don't leave a mess after selling

Once you secure an offer and sign the paperwork at the closing table, you need to continue cleaning. Real estate agents aren't happy when their clients leave a mess for the people who are about the call the property home.

When you arrive at your new house, you want it to be spotless. Cleaning and moving in all your belongings is stressful. With that in mind, extend the same courtesy you'd expect to your buyers. After all the cleaning for the showings and placing all of your belongings in a moving truck, it shouldn't take you too long to sweep up a few rogue dust bunnies.