Indoor projects

Prior to selling your home during the busy spring season, many feel the urge to fix the place up a little. According to data from home improvement website, before selling a home, owners to tackle improvement projects. While this may be a good idea to maximize value, it also comes with a hefty price tag of more than $53,000 per project. That high price may pay off, however, as homeowners hiring contractors reported an average 68 percent return on the investment. After the home is sold, according to the data, many new owners tend to hire painters, with the average cost of these projects totaling more than $5,000. These projects returned 100 percent of their initial investment, on average. 

It's important to get a property in top shape before it's on the market. However, sellers can maximize value by tackling some common projects on their own first. This will not only entice buyers, but likely add to the home's final sales price. 

Exterior projects

Although many new owners tend to hire painters anyway, it still helps to give the place a fresh coat to ensure the walls pop during the open house. recommended choosing light, neutral colors that don't overwhelm, but instead liven things up just enough. New homeowners want to be able to picture themselves in a home, but this is difficult when every room is a different, exotic color. If painting the entire house isn't realistic due to a tight budget, simply washing them is also an option. It can be easy to overlook the appearance of your walls after years of wear and tear. Painting or washing them will make the interior look cleaner and brighter, and also give prospective buyers one less expensive project to tackle.

Carpeting is another part of a home's interior that long-time owners often take for granted. While you've probably grown fond of the texture and color of your carpet, noted that new owners probably won't appreciate it. To entice them, give your floors a clean slate by stripping out the carpet, at least in a few rooms. Although it might be tempting to hire a professional to do this, it's not actually all that difficult to accomplish on your own. Leaving some carpet isn't a bad idea, just make sure it's been thoroughly cleaned before the open house.

Making sure the the yard looks its best is just as important as updating the appearance of the inside of the house. While hiring a landscaper might make for a decent return on investment, there is plenty that can be done on your own and on a shoestring budget. Be sure to cover the basics like mowing and edging the lawn, as well as cleaning patio furniture. If chairs and tables outside are looking old and worn, don't hesitate to toss them. Little details like planting flowers, or even getting a new welcome mat outside the front door, could go a long way toward adding some much-needed charm.

Windows and doors may get overlooked by owners who have lived in a house for many years, but they are a significant factor in enhancing curb appeal, and thus overall value. The front door on its own is among the first things anyone entering the home will see, and windows and doors take up significant space from the inside and outside. Give frames a fresh coat of paint, and make sure gaps and cracks are sealed properly. This will ensure a large part of your home is in great shape for a showing.