Everyone loves their home and any accompanying quirks that are unique to the property. From hidden storage units to those odd-sounding squeaky floors, every house has its own personality that over time becomes treasured.

Even if you love certain aspects of your home, there are others where it suits you perfectly to make some changes. As much as you may love the kitchen appliances, others may not and your love for them may actually blind you to inefficiencies when using those appliances.

As a homeowner, you have to find the right balance keeping your home as is and knowing when it's time to upgrade. This is especially important if you're considering moving soon because not every potential buyer will hold the same appreciation for some of your home's quirks as you do.

Keep a look out for some of these signs that signal when to make some updates.

Dated fixtures

Dated fixtures include door knobs, handles and locks. You know those pieces of hardware are due for an update if they're gold. As realtor.com elaborated, gold knobs and handles are a thing of the past, as 2015 was the year when mixed metals became the attractive option.

Gold handles and other accessories can give your home an aged feeling, and specifically, it may resemble one from the 1980s. This is a no-go if you're living in a neighborhood where young families are moving in and you hope to sell to them.

In an interview with Realtor.com, Emily Finch, an interior designer, recommended you go with accessories with a contemporary feel.

The bathroom

Carpet is a no-go these days, especially if it's in your bathroom. The flooring material was a huge hit in the 1990s, but that decade was a generation ago.

After ripping out the carpet, you'll want to install a bathmat, or maybe even consider laying down a modern tile surface that complements the room well. Additionally, by removing carpet you are also reducing the risk of potential mold growing within the material.

If this problem were to go unnoticed for a long period of time, a home inspection might have to be called to see what the total damage is. What may start out as a cost of replacing carpet then gets a bit more expensive.

Old living room habits

Wood paneling and popcorn ceilings have something in common, and that is neither belong in a living room.

Unless your home is a historical property, wood paneling severely dates the living room or any other room it is found in. It is not an inviting presence in this day and age, as evidenced by the material being popular in the 1970s.

If you can't rip out the wood paneling, consider painting it a neutral color, such as white. You'll immediately notice the benefits of a color change.

Popcorn ceilings also give the impression your house is living in another decade. Luckily, this type of ceiling is easy to remove but you should still hire an experienced contractor. A home inspection may also be needed to check for asbestos.

Kitchen mishaps

The kitchen can be home to many clues that your home needs some updating. Start with the countertops. Tiled counters are a relic of the past, and potential buyers will notice how out of place the material is. Consider granite because it will still be popular over the next 10 years.

Backsplashes containing glass mosaic patterns signal a home has aged 10 years. While the design was trendy in 2006, it is no longer, having been replaced by classic tile.

If you're struggling to settle on a design, you can't go wrong with plain white subway tile because the design will always remain popular.

Finally, the kitchen appliances are a giveaway that your home needs to be updated. Take a hard look at your stove, refrigerator and dishwasher. These appliances need to be stainless steel because if you still keep white kitchen appliances around, buyers will be turned off. Additionally, these appliances are harder to clean than their stainless steel counterparts.

Some houses need to be updated more than others. If you're unsure where to look, go room by room and see if anything feels outdated, or keep a list on hand.