A homeowner who wants to enhance the value of their home may consider numerous home repairs. With a thorough Home Maintenance Inspection, homeowners everywhere can get actionable insights into their home so they can develop a game plan to complete home maintenance and repairs and start to see a larger return on their investment.

Optimizing the value of a home

Before undergoing a remodeling project, homeowners should complete a property inspection to evaluate the quality of his or her house. Reviewing a residence's interior and exterior could help a property owner determine where maintenance is necessary and give them a baseline estimate of what their house would be valued at.

After their inspection, homeowners should create a preliminary budget to study how much it will cost to complete various repairs. Some projects could prove to be more expensive than others, and property owners should prioritize their tasks as well.
With a comprehensive approach, a property owner can get a better idea about the condition of his or her home and decide if specific modifications are needed. This will also give them a better understand one what potential maintenance or remodeling projects will give them the best value in the long run.

Dedicating resources to home repairs

Before undergoing any maintenance or remodeling projects, it’s important to allocate funds and resources. Create a priority list of which projects you feel are most important and will bring the most value to your home. From there, shop around for potential contractors keeping your budget and needs at the forefront of your search. Once you have found the contractor(s) you would like to go with, work with them to determine a scope of work plan and timeline. This will help you stay on time and on track with all your repairs or upgrades.

Ways to Improve your basement

A basement in your home can be a valuable bonus feature that not only has the potential to provide you with extra storage, but also can transform into a great living area. You can turn this underground space into a family room, workout space, office or anything you could possibly need. Knowing how to improve this part of your house can help you get the most value when it comes time to sell.
Protect your basement from water damage - In some instances, basements may have an issue with mold and mildew. The underground location can create a safe space for moisture to settle and moisture can lead to mold and mildew. Install a vapor barrier to protect this part of the home from excessive moisture and potential mold and mildew growth.

Insulate for comfort - Your basement might be a cool and comfortable getaway during those hot summer months, but a nippy room during the winter is not as appealing. Conduct a Home Maintenance Inspection and ensure that this space has adequate insulation. You may be losing some of the heat you have been pumping into the space through the walls. An Infrared Scan can also be useful here as it can detect small gaps or openings in your insulation

Step up your style - Unfinished basements are not the most inviting spaces in your home. Installing drywall or wood with fasteners and anchors can help cozy up the space and make it feel more like a room you can spend some time in. If your ceiling is exposed, consider putting in a drop ceiling as well. Flooring is another important aspect of upgrading your basement. Know what you want out of the space and determine how much money you are willing to spend.

Keep wires and utilities accessible - Whether you are remodeling the space or simply interested in ensuring you can get the most use out of your basement, making sure that the proper wiring is accessible is crucial. Especially if you are installing walls and flooring, confirm that you will be able to access electric sockets and cable, internet and phone lines easily. It is also crucial during any renovations or additions that you keep all utilities accessible as well. Make sure you can reach your water valves, gas meters and furnaces at any time.

Install outdoor exits - It may be a good idea to also put in a bulkhead door and steps. Not only can this help when you are moving items in and out of your basement, but it is also a good idea to include an additional exit strategy in case of an emergency. Installing a few egress windows is another way that you can provide an easy exit, and as an added bonus, you can allow more natural light into your basement.

Deck Maintenance Tips

Decks are an increasingly popular method of adding living space to a house, according to HomeAdvisor. Not only can these additions be attractive solutions, they can also be low-cost and high reward. However, like all outdoor spaces, the weather can take its toll. A Home Maintenance Inspection could help point out damaged areas and provide suggestions on how to remedy them.

HomeAdvisor went on to say that you should have your deck inspected, cleaned and sealed at least once a year. Additionally, the wear and tear of the outdoors can lead to nails popping up which can be hazardous and cause injuries. If you notice any nails starting to slide out of the wood, make sure they are taken care of immediately.
You should also be diligent about cleaning your deck. Make sure leaves, dirt, grime and debris are cleared from the service. Keeping your deck surface clean not only looks good but can also prolong the life of the flooring material.
Moreover, all decks should get a great sealant, according to HomeAdvisor. The entire area around the deck should be covered with a tarp to protect it when the deck is not in season. Sealant can be applied in several ways, either with a brush, paint roller or a sprayer. This last method is the fastest for homeowners, but it can also be the messiest. Afterward, the deck can then be painted or stained. Clear or lighter finishes often look best, because they allow the natural attractiveness of the deck to come through.
In addition to projects like these, one of the best things you can do to increase your home’s value is to have it inspected regularly. Everyday life puts a lot of strain on a home and it can wear down over the years, that’s why it is recommended that owners have their homes inspected regularly. WIN offers an annual Home Maintenance Inspection that can help ensure that your home is in tip-top shape and preserves its value over time.

We hope you found these small tips useful and insightful. If have any questions or would like to schedule inspection services for your home, please reach out to your local WIN Home Inspector.