A lot can go wrong during the life of a home. As the years pass, a bunch of little repairs can turn into major headaches. Therefore, homeowners should always remain vigilant when it comes to routine maintenance. Sure, it is easy to neglect a broken floor tile or a hole in the wall, but what happens when it comes time to sell? Or, what happens if those simple fixes end up costing a lot more money down the road?

If this is the case, a home inspection can help. A licensed professional can be the perfect solution to a number of problems, and a tour around a property can turn up several problems that may be easy to repair if caught early enough. Additionally, homeowners themselves should always keep an eye out around the house.

Don't let the home drain savings

A house is an investment - and an expensive one at that. However, those costs are typically planned for well in advance, but the small repairs and routine maintenance can sneak up on anybody. A property inspection can also help shed light on any situation. 

According to Bankrate.com, ignoring small, cheap repairs could end up costing homeowners a bunch more money later. In fact, neglect and poor maintenance habits can derail even the best budget, so everyone should take the time to make sure a house is in great condition. 

For example, Claude McGavic, executive director of the Florida-based National Association of Home Inspectors, told the news source that many people ignore easy repairs on their air conditioning unit. This is a major mistake, he explained, because when cost-effective fixes - like replacing a $2 part - aren't made, the final bill at the end could be thousands of dollars. 

Another common home issue is a water leak. These problems frequently appear in a kitchen or a bathroom, McGavic told Bankrate.com. A plumber should be the first step, not placing a bucket to catch drips. If the homemade solution fails, overflowing water means big trouble - and costly expenses. 

If a homeowner is unsure about any problem around their property, a home inspection could be the ideal answer. This step can identify problems that, if caught early, can be easy to fix.

Quick home maintenance steps around the house

Any home could end up with a bunch of little repairs. Each one may feel like a headache to fix at the moment, but leaving projects for later is never a good idea. While a home inspection professional can point out areas of concern, residents could then perform repairs themselves. A well-kept house is a good sign for potential buyers, as well.

For starters, a broken tile is a simple fix, according to Better Homes and Gardens. For a few bucks, a grout tool can clean the surrounding area and help remove the damaged tile. Once the area beneath is cleaned and prepared, the new one can be set in. All it takes is some affordable adhesive and clean grout, then the replacement can be glued into place. After that, it will look as good as new.

Also, a leaking faucet can be fixed, the news source noted. If a home inspection finds a problem, owners can repair it instantly. Under the sink, there should be several stop valves. After these are shut off, the faucet can be dismantled and the problem parts - such as a damaged washer - can be replaced at little cost. However, larger issues could require professional help.

Overall, homeowners should always stay up-to-date with regular maintenance. This way, any little problem doesn't end up costing a lot of money later in the life of a house.