Spring cleaning season is upon us once again. You might be wondering how to begin with spring cleaning. Here are ten cleaning tips you can use to organize your home.

Get Started With a Full Purge

The best way to start getting organized is to get rid of things you absolutely don't need. Before you purchase a single piece of storage equipment, begin with a clean sweep of the house. Donate, recycle, or throw away items that you find outdated, broken, or just plain useless. Once done, you'll be surprised at how much storage space you already have in order to organize your remaining items.

Make Use of All Your Space

Are you pressed for space? Store seasonal clothing or other rarely used items underneath beds, desks, or in other out-of-the-way spaces you don't usually think about. It's a great way to free up room in closets for things you use more often.

Use Color for Optimal Organization

Use different-color labels, boxes, and containers to classify items as you store them. Important cleaning materials, for example, can go in a bright orange or yellow box to stand out when you need them. This is especially useful for families with young kids. Separating toys, games, books, and other playtime elements can eliminate many headaches and frustrations for both parents and children.

Bring in Shelving for the Garage


The garage is typically problem area number one when it comes to disorganization. It's a place where things can pile up - gardening equipment, tools, sports equipment, and more. Get a couple of movable plastic or metal shelving units and pair them with smaller containers. It will keep your garage open for big things, like cars or appliances, while providing an easy way to store things you need for the home.

Put Away Unused Kitchen Items

Do you have a rice cooker, blender, or other kitchen appliance that you only use once a week or less sitting on the countertop? These items should be stored in a cabinet when not in use. This frees up space to use while cooking and makes it easier to clean up after.

Make Your Home Office Shine


When you’re focused on work you might not think about the mess in your home office, but a clean work environment can improve efficiency. Utilize surge protectors and strategic cord placement to avoid "trippable" clutter around electronics. Get a couple of boxes or a storage unit to hold files, pens, pencils, and other devices when not in use. An uncluttered office will lead to an uncluttered mind and better work all around!

Organize Closets

Don't just toss things in your closet when you're done wearing them. Make sure things are hung up, placed in the hamper, or put back on the proper shelf. Use things like tie racks, shoe racks, and closet organizers to maximize the amount of space you have.

Invest in a Label Maker

It's worth investing in a label-maker for organization purposes. With just a few taps on a keypad, you'll be able to print out professional-looking labels to help clarify your storage. You'll never have to quizzically open a box to discover what's inside if you have a clear label attached to it.

Straighten Up the Bathroom


Everything tends to pile up on the bathroom sink-from razors to toothpaste to hair supplies. This can quickly become a mess and hinder your ability to find what you need as you prepare for the day. Store your toiletries in the medicine cabinet or under the sink in clearly marked, organized shelves or boxes when not in use.

Develop Decluttering Habits to Stay Organized

Now that your home is organized, take steps to keep it that way. When confronted with clutter, develop a “do-it-now" attitude. Fold and put clothes away as soon as they’re washed, file papers you know you need to keep as soon as you’re done with them, and clear off the kitchen counter after you’ve finished cooking. You’ll thank yourself for not allowing a small mess to turn into a big one.

Just a reminder - organization is only one aspect of keeping your home in top shape. For more ideas and suggestions on how to protect your property's value, be sure to check out the rest of our helpful tips and articles here.