Getting into the right mindset and making a plan before physically tackling your home cleaning chores can help make the process faster and more efficient. If your home needs serious cleaning or de-cluttering, we’re here to help.

Here are the top tips, tried and proven for home cleaning.

1. Schedule Your Cleaning Days Wisely 

You don't have to clean your entire house every single day. It helps to schedule the tasks, dividing them up during the week. Some things, such as scrubbing out your grill or oven, may only need once-a-month labor. Smaller tasks such as dusting can be done daily, but set aside routine days for tackling the bathroom, defrosting the freezer, or wiping all of your glass windows, for instance. Sticking to one task each day will help you get more done in the long run. 

2.   Choose Microfiber Cloths 

Many professional house cleaners swear by microfiber cloths, a must-have tool. They get rid of the dirt fast and more efficiently—plus, you can wash and quick-dry them. Making them reusable and less likely to contaminate other surfaces with germs. Debra Johnson, a home cleaning expert, says she prefers them to paper towels. They dry fast and last longer, which means you won't have to buy new rags constantly. This hack saves both time and money.

3. Keep Your Cleaning Tools Within Reach

Many homeowners keep their cleaning products under the kitchen sink. If you have adequate space, it’s also a good idea to store cleaning rages and scrubbers there, as well. Jan Dougherty, the author of  includes this tip in her professional house cleaning guide.

4. Keep Clutter Under Control

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Clean around your clutter if you must, like many professional cleaners do when they are tidying other people’s homes. If you’ve ever had a hotel cleaner on vacation, notice how they manage to clean surfaces without even letting your clutter go astray. They’ve learned the art of not getting bogged down with clutter. Simply set aside another time slot for tackling clutter.

5. Clean by Categories, Not by Rooms

Global sensation and clutter expert Marie Kondo has been helping people all over the world get their mess under control and live in inspiring spaces. She says you should tackle categories when cleaning. For example, dust all the bookshelves in the house at one time. The next cleaning slot you have, sweep and mop all floors. She says, when clearing out mess, start with bulky clothing, and work your way down to clearing out more emotional spaces, like your kids’ old school boxes.

6. Learn How to Minimize Dust

Pollen season brings all those allergies to the surface. It’s a pain, but you can learn to keep dust to a minimum by closing your windows and using air filters. If you have light-colored furniture, consider swapping them for dark-colored sets instead. This doesn’t make the dirt and dust any less; just less-visible!

7. Utilize Your Microwave to Sterilize

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Here’s an expert tip: Did you know you can sterilize sponges in your microwave? Simply rinse it with warm water after using for cleaning, then microwave for 90 seconds. That will kill bacteria and leave your sponges smelling like new.

8. Utilize Your Dishwasher

Instead of spending a lot of time scrubbing ceramic and glassware, use your dishwasher for this. You can also slip any fridge shelves that fit in here. Just beware of plastics, and check if they are heat-proof before putting your machine on 90 degrees!

9. Dress for Success

Believe it or not, the outfit you wear can influence how you work! In the same way that you would don appropriate clothing for other types of work, dress like a professional cleaner when tackling your own home. Think rubber gloves, kneepads, comfortable clothing, and aprons. You can even purchase a cleaning uniform to really get into character.

10. Simplify Your Life

By simplifying the supplies you use to clean and do chores, you’ll be able to manage your time better. Don’t get bogged down with all the various choices on the market. All you really need is a few multi-purpose solutions, some spray bottles, and one stronger solution to cut grease. For the bathrooms, a powdered cleaner works wonders between the tiles.

11. Teamwork Instead of Multitasking Alone

It’s easy to think you will get more done when working at home alone. But perhaps it’s time to reconsider. Teamwork is the best way to tackle a house, no matter how big or small. Got kids at home? Make it a family affair! Your children will see the time and effort that goes into the work, and hopefully, this will encourage them to be more mindful of the mess they make.

12. Look For Cleaning Hacks

Ever heard of the pillowcase trick? Using one when cleaning your fan ensures that none of that annoying dust gets on the floor you might’ve just mopped. 

13. Get Ready For Your Next Cleaning Day Today

Don’t just plan for your current cleaning schedule—make it easier to get to the next one. Have one space where all your supplies and materials are kept. Ensure the easiest way possible to begin chores the next free time you have allotted for this. Planning in advance is key to professional home cleaning success.

14. Ask for Help From the Pros

When you are at the end of your rope, it's sometimes okay to let go. Seeking professional help to get your house in order may just be the saving grace you need. It's common nature to want to do everything yourself, but sometimes the best solution is getting help from a professional house cleaner or agency.

Cleaning a home is not a glamorous task, but it's a necessary one. Which one of the above tips will you tackle today?