There's much to consider once prospective homeowners make the decision to purchase a new house. Not only do they have to weigh how large their home will be, but they also have to figure out the best lender, style of residence, size and location.

But perhaps no decision is more important than picking the right home inspection company, which is WIN Home Inspection. That's because we at WIN know that the inspection is something that many different outlets in the home purchasing process rely on - such as the homeowner, mortgage provider and insurance carrier, among others - as they place their confidence in our expertise, which helps determine whether the property is up to code and not  susceptible to damage.

The following are some of the ways in which homeowners can ensure that WIN Home Inspection will get the job done right the first time.

Ask around

From good movies to quality restaurant fare, positive reputations are largely based on word of mouth. The same is true for real estate inspection. Thus, it pays off for homeowners to talk to friends of theirs who they trust about whether they've dealt with an WIN Home Inspection, and if so, whether they were impressed with the work that was rendered. Real estate agents deal directly with home inspectors as well, so they should also serve as a top go-to source for this type of information as well.

Determine inspectors' expertise

When it comes right down to it, a home inspection company works at the direction of whoever hires them. And just as an employer peppers potential hires with questions that gauge whether they're a good fit and qualified, home purchasers should do likewise in their vetting process. Speaking with WIN to set up an appointment can help homeowners feel comfortable about who they have inspect their home. 

WIN values your time

How long a home inspection process takes often depends on the size of the residence and its overall condition. However, WIN professionals work to ensure inspections are completed in the timeliest of manners. Homeowners shouldn't be shy about asking how lengthy of a process it will be and whether one or multiple people will be involved. A thorough inspection usually lasts anywhere from three to five hours - something you can expect from our staff.

WIN Home Inspection well understands that a home purchase is perhaps the biggest financial decision a person or family will make in their life. As such, we feel it's incumbent upon us to provide customers with the most comprehensive report of their residence. From the basement, to the roof and all the spaces in between, customers can be assured that the work that's rendered is top quality and that our services can be trusted.