With spring approaching, some homebuyers are preparing their home for the market after having an unsuccessful selling season prior to the winter.

While many factors - the economy included - can affect a home's appeal, there are some home-sale setbacks that a seller can adjust to entice more buyers. Here are three factors that hurt a home sale:

  • Asking price. The price tag on a home can be a serious mitigating factor for many buyers. If the price seems outrageous, many buyers will simply walk away. Of course, the easiest way to fix this problem is to lower the asking price to a more reasonable figure based on market trends and comparable properties nearby.
  • Fixer-upper. Most buyers are not looking for a property that will require a large amount of maintenance as soon as they move in. They need to see value rather than expensive projects, especially if the home inspection reveals more serious issues. Consider some low-impact renovations like fresh paint and target high-value areas like the kitchen for more extensive updates.
  • The lived-in look. Homebuyers want to see themselves in your home rather than the leftovers from dinner. Tidy up often while your home is on the market and depersonalize the space so that your home becomes a blank canvas for buyers.