For some homeowners, years of working in the same kitchen - day after day - has led to boredom and frustration. Instead of living with a cramped, unattractive and out-of-date cooking space, residents should commit to a great home improvement project.

However, before anyone picks up the first tool and gets their hands dirty, a home inspection is a crucial first step to identify if there are any problems that could get in the way or pose a threat to either the contractors or do-it-yourself homeowners. Kitchen remodels can come in all shapes and sizes, and there are a number of options that can totally redesign the room and even increase the value of the home.

Great ideas for the kitchen improvement project

Either before or after a renovation, a property inspection is a must to ensure that everything is in working order and all repairs or changes were completed correctly. If the space is ready for a makeover, homeowners have many options for redesigning a kitchen.

For starters, they may want to consider bringing in some old-world charm, according to Home Advisor. Many buyers currently want a rustic, wood-based kitchen theme, and that trend is gaining popularity across the country. These types of kitchens are characterized by dark, wooden colors, plenty of space for large families or entertaining, and classic lighting fixtures, like chandeliers. European styles are also making a comeback, which similarly ties in rustic themes, marble countertops and leather furniture. 

Moreover, homeowners may want to try to mix styles, as well, Home Advisor noted. This means that the kitchen could have a touch of modern technology, like up-to-date, energy-efficient appliances, but with classic countertops, cabinets and furniture. Hardwood floors are a great decision for any kitchen, regardless of style. They are easy to clean and provide a fresh look to a current space. Wood accents can work well in any style kitchen homeowners choose, and a home inspection is a great step when performing any improvement project.

Avoid making common kitchen mistakes

Once homeowners decide on the new design for the kitchen, it is time to start building. Unfortunately, this is where a number of things can go wrong, and it is up to the residents to ensure that each step is completed properly. A licensed property inspection professional can also help by taking a look around and pointing out areas that could need extra attention. 

If the kitchen remodel is tasked to the professionals, homeowners should always do their research in order to find the best ones, according to This Old House. Sub-par contractors can damage a home, which is why hiring the ideal help is so important.

"General contractors often win jobs based on their good reputations." Dennis Wedlick, author of Good House Hunting: 20 Steps to Your Dream Home, told the news source. "But circumstances can change. When the contractor switches subcontractors or laborers, quality can be affected."

Therefore, the contractor's most recent job should be closely evaluated, This Old House explained. Thorough research now can avoid a sticky situation later. Also, homeowners should look at their own needs for their kitchen before making any final decision about the design. It has to be functional for the space, or else it will be a pain to use and might not help the resale value of the house later.

In addition, it is possible to cut costs without skipping vital steps, the news source noted. The kitchen could be designed in a more efficient manner, which might result in better space management, less supplies and a cheaper bill at the end. Regardless of design style, a home inspection should be completed so homeowners can rest easy knowing that their kitchen is built properly.